Ross Eustace Geller (David Schwimmer)

Monica is Ross' sister.(I don't have much on the family facts)Ross is very unfortunate with women. He had three failed marriages. One of his ex-wives is a lesbian (Carol), he got divorced with the Emily because he said the wrong name at the altar, and the other (Rachel) because they were drunk when they got married. Ross gets nervous when he flirts. After all the other girlfriends, Ross is currently single.

Ross is the geek of the group. Works as a paleontologist at a museum. He also teaches some college students. He went to college with Chandler. When Ross was a kid, he dressed up in his mom's clothes and made everyone call him B. He had a song that goes (I am B, I drink tea, Won't you dance aroung with me?) He has a son from his ex-lesbian-wife, Carol. Ross had a pet monkey named Marcel.

Ross dated Rachel off and on. After a couple of years that they broke up, he had a one night stand with Rachel. Rachel got pregnant and is currently living in the same apartment as Ross.

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