Rachel Karen Greene (Jennifer Aniston)

Rachel has two sisters, Jill and Rachel are both spoiled. Her other sister is masculine. Rachel's parents got divorced. She was about to marry Barry but she ran from the altar. This runaway bride ran to Central Perk, where she knew she'd find Monica.

She ran there and met the rest of the group. Ross and Chandler, she already knows since Chandler went to college with Ross. Rachel was afraid to go back to her parents. Good thing Phoebe moved out of Monica's apartment! Now Rachel started living with Monica.

Since Rachel was spoiled, she didn't have a job and doesn't even know how to do laundry. She then became a waitresss at Central Perk. She later got a job at Bloomingdales and also moved from that to Ralph Lauren. Rachel likes fashion stuff. To me, she wins the Best Dressed Female in the group. According to Pheebs, she is a pushover.

As gorgeous as she is, she was popular in highschool. She gets guys with a snap. Since she needs her beauty sleep, she's really not a morning person and gets cranky if something wakes her up early in the morning (much like me!). She hates to touch her eye or see other people touching their eyes. According to her, her right leg is 2 inches shorter than her left.

She dated Ross on and off. After the longest break, they had a one night stand and Rachel got pregnant. Rachel is living with Joey at this time. Joey starts to like Rachel after supporting her and comforting her through this tough time. Joey knows that this is wrong so he had Rachel move in with Ross.

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