Monica E. Geller (Courtney Cox Arquette)

Ross is Monica's brother. Unlike Rachel's, their parents are not divorced. I don't know what it is about Monica but she is the mom of the group. She likes things clean, organized, and tidy. Mom, I mean Mon, even numbers the cups in their kithcen. Phoebe used to live with her but moved because Phoebe stained her mattress and was afraid of getting in trouble with Monica. Monica also cooks!

She has been a chef in different restaurants. Monica and Phoebe also started a catering business. Also she bacame a waitress at this 70's restaurant. At that restaurant, she had to wear fake boobs and dance and sing the YMCA. She really hated that job!

Monica was fat in highschool. Rachel was one of her friends in highschool. She's unfortunate with guys. Monica loves babies and would like to have her own soon. She hates it when people dress their pets as people.

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