Joseph Francis Tribianni (Matt LeBlanc)

Joey has 7 sisters and they all look alike. Joey's dad is seeing a girl named Rony. Joey's mom knows this and pretends she doesn't because he is happy with Rony. Although Joey doesn't speak the language or has the accent, he is Italian. When Chandler was looking for a new roomate, he found Joey. That's how easy he got in the group.

This "Italiano" is the dummy/stud in the group. He gets the girls, unlike Chandler and Ross. Because he gets the girls, he's the kind of person that likes to talk about doing it. He says he can make anything sound "sexy". Joey likes to eat a lot and he loves jam. His favorite food is sandwich. Joey is an actor and was Dr. Drake Remoray in Days of Our Lives. He lost that job and became a waiter in Central Perk. He went back to Days of Our Lives with his "evil twin".

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