Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry)

Chandler's parents got divorced when he was 9 and he is an only child. He had an imaginary friends which his parents actually preferred(he was probably joking about this). His dad is gay and people says that Chandler has a quality that makes him look gay. The weird thing about Chandler is that he had a third nipple which he got chopped off by a doctor.

Chandler is the witty one in the group. He can't live a day without making fun of his friends. I just got informed (from my guestbook) that Chandler's job is a Data Processor. Just like Ross, he is not so lucky when it comes to women. Good thing Monica was there, who he is in a disfunctional marraige with. The poor guy went to an all boy highschool. He went to college with Ross.

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