What Does Your Favorite FRIENDS Say About You?

Monica Geller
Women who choose Monica: Are sensual, warm but neurotic. They know what they want but get confused when they find it, making relationships difficult.
Men who choose Monica: Want a challenge from their woman. they need conversation after sex and somebody who looks great in workout clothes. These men usually have more high-powered jobs than Rachel fans.

Phoebee Buffay
Women who choose Phoebee: They have a good sence of humour. They tend to be vegetarians, animal lovers and bad poker players.
Men who choose Phoebee: Are eccentric, caring and extrovent by nature. They don't mind if people think that they are little bit different. They also have a tendency to weep in bed.

Rachel Green
Women who choose Rachel: They are independent, spirited and high maintenance. Favourite store is Harvey Nicholas. Favorite credit card their boyfriend's.
Men who choose Rachel: Are interested in glamour as much as character but have a protective streak which responds to Rachels little lost girl look.

Joey Tribbiani
Women who choose Joey: They like their men slow on the uptake and easy on the eye.
Men who choose Joey: Are uncomplicated, fun-loving and tend to be unreliable. They show Joey's single-minded interest in the opposite sex.

Ross Geller
Woman who choose Ross: Tend to be self-confident and successful. They find Ross's vulnerabilities appealing and know they have the inner strength to cope with them. They are independent spirits, with a warm heart and strong sex drive.
Men who choose Ross: Preferred science at school and played chess, not football.

Chandler Bing
Woman who choose Chandler: Are looking for a long-term relationship. They think laughs are more important than looks and have strong material instincts, which are brought out by Chandlers loverble vulnerbility. He's number one with american female fans.
Men who choose Chandler: Are sensitive and complex but proberly don't have the kind of credit cards that appeal to Rachel.

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