RESULTS from the 2001 Charmed Fan Fiction Awards

Fiction Count - 700

Prue Fics - 26
Piper Fics - 71
Phoebe Fics - 66
Paige Fics - 3
Piper/Leo Fics - 183
Phoebe/Cole Fics - 10
Teen Fics - 38
Other Fics - 127
Series Fics - 187

Author Count - 134

Previous Updates


Hay's Charmed Fan Fiction Site is now closed to submissions.

Thanks to everyone who has submitted over the last two years.

If you have an interest in continuing this site, I don't mind passing it over. Just email me ( and let me know and it's all yours.

I will continue to archive my own fics, but that will be the extent of any updates. I apologise to anyone who has submitted in the last month or so, your fics will not be being archived (unless someone overtakes the maintenence of the site). Sorry!





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