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The 12 Step Program To Survive a Scary Movie.

According to the Scary Movie Rehab Clinic if you want to survive in a Scary Movie there are rules you must adibed by, or else itís goodbye!

1. Never say Iíll be right back. Youíd be lying.
2. Donít partake in drugs or drinking and no promiscuity. Sin will be atoned for.
3. Donít bother checking on your friends. Theyíre dead.
4. Donít answer the telephone or investigate strange noises, esp. if theyíre coming from the basement.
5. Never unmask the killer. Itíll make Ďem mad.
6. Never walk backwards youíre bound to bump into your dead friend, or worse, the freak that killed him.
7. When youíre fleeing from the scene, remember no car, even a reliable K-car will start until the killer has caught up with you.
8. Wait until the killing spree is over to bathe.
9. Your dog can take care of itself.
10. Falling asleep is a bad idea.
11. If youíre the janitor, quit. The janitor is alway the first suspect, and the first to exonerated, if you get my drift.
12. Donít just stand there crying hysterically. Run you idiot!!!


The House Remodeling Guide, Section 1:

If you would like purchase top quality workmanship in your Asian furniture, you should know where the item was built and exactly what raw materials were chosen. For instance, Japanese furniture is typically crafted from reclaimed solid wood and crafted in Japan, however from time to time in other parts of Asia. Look at various antique console tables for instance, which may work beautifully with an antique china cabinet. Don't they seem so much nicer together? They have lasted over a lifetime and can be handed down as heirlooms to the next generation. If you're thinking of home interior decorating ideas, you must know how to invest prudently: purchase superior items which will be around a long time. Getting the best value for your money is not only a skill-set utilized when shopping for home furnishings, but one which is valuable while selecting other home decor as well, like your bathroom interiors. If you have an interesting layout for the bathroom, your experience may be substantially more relaxing and comfortable. Nevertheless, a number of people will always keep to their spending budget, which is normally a prudent plan. In order to start out small with wonderful improvements, you should start with transforming your bathroom's fluorescent light fixtures? Shop for some energy-saving bulbs and ensure that each nook can be well-lighted. This will make the bathroom appear a lot larger and much more open than it is. One more great example is applying the same tactics when choosing mixer attachments for kitchen.

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CabalArticles,2002 - Present

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