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Hoa`ng ho^n buo^`n ro*'t nhe. ne~o tro*`i xa!
Ca'nh nha.n co^ ddo*n bay ve^` qua' khu*'.
Ho^`n bo^~ng nghe, go*.i la.i chu't du* a^m
...Lo`ng hiu qua.nh, ta nhu* ca'nh chim buo^`n !

T ha^n mo*`i ca'c ba.n ghe' tha(m Hoa`ng Ho^n Buo^`n!

Hy ca'c ba.n se~ ca~m tha^'y cuo^.c ddo*`i vui thu' ho*n khi cu`ng
nhau ddo'n hoa`ng ho^n du` ddo' la` mo^.t Hoa`ng Ho^n Buo^`n. Ne^'u ca'c ba.n co' y' nghi?
hay ho*n, xin vui lo`ng cho bie't dde^~ co' mo^.t Hoa`ng Ho^n dda^`y y' nghi~a ho*n. Ca~m O*n Nhie^`u!
Chu'c ca'c ba.n co' mo^.t nga`y tha^.t dde.p!

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