Songs by: Tamia

Song: You Put A Move On My Heart
By: Tamia

Time after time, When I'm feeling low, Something inside of me lets me know its alright. Loves on my side, And when the world seems a lonely place, I've got a dream. That won't leave a trace of the blues, I just think of you, Baby I know. Chorus: I've got a real thing, Here by my side, Someone who needs me, Holding me tight. And these special feelings won't never fade, Cause I knew, I knew from the start, You put a move on my heart. Verse: Baby our loves' like a melody, Playing for us in the sweetest key. You can find the music of life, And when we touch there’s the warmest glow. Heating the passion that heaven knows, Its a dream. Just for you, You and me, And baby I know. Back to Chorus.