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Angel Life
By: Danielle

I say my prayers every night,
And ask God to be my light,
He tells me just to look inside,
And my heart will be my biggest guide.
He says just to believe in him
And faith will always help me win.
My love for him has grown so much,
From this heart that he has touched,
He has made me his Angel Child,
And gave me, my wings to fly.
Then he gave me a job to do
Which was to keep my eye on you.
He told me to let you know,
How much he loves you so.

I did what he asked of me,
And then i wondered , how could this be,
To send an Angel to look at you
When you're one of his Angels too.

He told me that Angels in heaven and those on earth,
Will save him alot of work
Cause earthly angels just like you
Are given the biggest job to do.
To love and care and share your heart
Will always play a great big part
And when it is you need some help,
That's when i'll reveal myself.

And the love i have from him above
Will fill your heart with the greatest love
And though at times you may not see me,
Just say the word and it shall be
Cause though i'm an angel from the sky so bright
You're the one who shines his light
So never forget that angels like you.
Have made my angel life worthwhile too!

Two Heart Destiny
By: Danielle

One lonely dark night
On a long stretch of way,
Met these two destined hearts,
In a strange, unforgettable way,
Two people so different,
And yet so much alike,
Their eyes and hearts told the love story
That blossomed from that fateful, precious night.

In a town, they both called home,
He the son of a servant,
She the daughter to the thrown.
They were drawn together,
Just like magnetic force,
Even with all the doubts and obstacles
That always seemed to lead them off the righteous course,

There was something more powerful,
A love unlike any,
That was like a fairy tale
Just like those precious five golden pennies.

And through these lovers lives,
With each hurt and pain they may feel,
There is always that precious love and those five
golden pennies,
That will always be there to heal whatever they may feel.

Through thick and thin,
Through sun and storm,
Their lives will be an adventure,
From the love that was born.

And with each gaze and touch and kiss,
And because of the windows of their soul,
Few words need to be spoken,
For their eyes will tell what is precious,
As the purest, finest gold.

By: Danielle

Everyday i have wondered since i was three,
How many people knew what true love really means.
And now i am much older,
I have come to know,
How some people misunderstand,
How true love really grows.
Not only can true love exist between a man and a woman,
But without friendships,
No one can go through life without this special gift.

There are so many different types of love,
But one thing i know,
Each and everyone of them,
Begins with a friendship that continues to grow.

Just like a flower,
It starts from a bud,
Then blooms and blooms,
As big as it could.

And all different types of love,
Begins and continues like that,
With lovers, bestfriends, family,
It is all true to fact,
That love makes the world go round,
From earth to sky,
From town, to town.

The Hidden Truth
By: Danielle

I saw this couple,
In love they seem to be,
They tried to hide their feelings,
But they could'nt hide it from me.

Many of us and others could see,
The passion in their eyes,
That each had for the other,
That was kept hidden because of others secrets and lies.

For all the time they knew each other,
At moments good and bad,
Their love for each other kept growing stronger
No matter what strains and obstacles they had.

And through the days that passed,
Their eyes spoke the words,
Of love and passion that they had,
That each of them deserve to get heard.

But then one day it came to pass,
That the hidden truth was revealed,
Of the love and passion that they had,
And a bond that was so strong and ever so real.
And because of this now known fact
That they had in their hearts,
No obstacles and difference that they have,
Will ever keep them apart.

Shuis Poem
By: Inna

Sheridan and Luis
Won't you please
I am on my knees
Be together
But this time make it forever.
It hurts me so to see
You both letting go so please
Heal my heart don't drift apart
Stay together make it forever
Sheridan and luis
I am on my knees stay together
Make it forever

Till death do you part, it will heal my heart.
To see you both heart to heart
Warms my soul more than you'll ever know.
Roses are red, violets are blue
Your meant to be and your love is true.
So make it happen and make it right
Your stronger than anyone I ever will know
Your love concers all
So heal my heart and soul
Love each other once and for all.

Poem: Your Gone
By: Jane

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As I stand beside you, my heat starts to pound,
You're gone, I can't hear a sound.
I can't breathe, I can't move,
How do I go on without you?
You're gone, I think of the things I will miss,
Your gentle touch, your amazing kiss,
Your eyes, your hands, your soft embrace.
Tears start to roll down my face,
You're gone, that sweet smile, that good heart.
I always thought we'd never part,
I loved you, and you knew it.
Now someone took you from me, how could they do it?
We were supposed to have our whole ives together.
And now you're gone, gone forever, Goodbye Mi Amor,
I am with you

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