Songs by: Natalie Imbruglia

Song: Identify
By: Natalie Imbruglia
CD: Stigmata Soundtrack

Your eyes they send me, To eternity, Your heart may cast me, Down, To Hell, And down. But lately it's your love, It's condemnation enough. Chorus: Identify, Please Identify, If it's me you want. Standing by your side, Identify, These tears of mine, Am I lonely, Or am I just alive. Verse: And what is time, To say Who and what sill stand this test, Of love. Your hands were speaking, No, I felt the movement, Go, The ice was breaking, So I'd wonder why that I'd. Chorus 2: Identify, With you my life, To leave me empty, And see if I survive. For every questioned hour, For every second devoured, You let me wonder you, Into a myth, That I missed. Back to Chorus 1. Bridge: Am I lonely, Or am I just alive.