Songs by: Michael Smith & Company

Song: Somewhere Somehow
Michael Smith and Amy Grant

Standing in our silence, I hear my heart beating, And if only I could choose, I'd stay here with you, But hold me till the train is leaving. Somewhere down the line, After you're gone from sight, Our love will be the same, And, whispering your name, I'll cling to you with all my might. Let me dream of you, But it's true, And wake me up when this is over, Love will be there when this is over. Chorus: Somewhere far beyond today, I will find a way to find you, And somehow thru the lonely nights, I will leave a light in the dark, Let it lead you to my heart. Verse: There's a love inside us, Deep down inside, That goes without saying, Don't say a word, But I'll tell you just the same, And that love will fan the flame, And that flame will warm the heart that's waiting. You are mine, And I'll wait for you my love, You are mine it may take some time, Even if it takes a lifetime, Tell me you'll wait. Back to Chorus. Bridge: And somewhere alone, I will be praying you home, I know that somehow our love. Our love will lead me to your arms. Back to Chorus.

Song: Love Of My Life
By: Michael Smith and Jim Brickman

I am amazed, when I look at you. I see you smiling back at me, Itís like all my dreams come true. I am a friend, If I lost you girl, Iíd fall through the cracks and lose my track in this crazy lonely world. Sometimes itís so hard to believe, When the nights can be so long, And faith gave me the strength and kept me going on. Chorus: You are the love of my life and Iím so glad you found me. You are the love of my life baby put your arms around me, I guess this is how it feels when you finally find something real. My angel in the night you are my love, the love of my life. Verse: Now here you are, midnight close at hand, You take my hand as our shadows dance, With moonlight on your skin, I look in your eyes, Iím lost inside your kiss. I think if Iíd never met you, About all the things Iíd miss. Sometimes itís so hard to believe, When a love can be so strong, And faith gave me the strength, And kept me going on. Back to Chorus and Repeat 2x.