Songs by: Michael Learns To Rock

Song: Someday
By: Michael Learns To Rock

In my search for freedom, and peace of mind, Iíve left the memories behind. Wanna start a new life, but it seems to be rather absurd, Ehen I know the truth, Is that I always think of you. Chrous: Someday someway, Together we will be baby, I will and you will take your time. Weíll wait for our fate, Cosí nobody owns us baby. We can shake we can shake the rock. Verse: Try to throw the picture out of my mind, Try to leave the memories behind. Here by the ocean, Waveís carry voices from you, Do you know the truth, I am thinking of you too. Back to Chorus. Bridge: The love we had together, Just fades away in time, And now youíve got your own world, And I guess Iíve got mine. But the passion you planted, in the middle of my heart, Is a passion that will never stop.