Songs by: Mariah Carey

Song: We Belong Together
By: Mariah Carey

I didn't mean it, When I said I didn't love you so, I should have held on tight, I never should've let you go, I did nothing. I was stupid, I was foolish, I was lying to myself. I could not fathom that I would ever Be without your love, Never imagined I'd be, Sitting here beside myself. I didn't know you, I didn't know me, But I thought I knew everything, I never felt The feeling that I'm feeling now, Now that I don't Hear your voice. Or even touch or even kiss your lips Cause I don't have a choice, What I wouldn't give, To have you lying by my side. Chorus: We belong together When you left, I lost a part of me, It's still so hard to believe, Come back baby please. We belong together. Who else am I gonna lean on, When times get rough, Who's gonna talk to me, Till the sun comes up Who's gonna take your place, Baby nobody else We belong together. Verse 2: I can't sleep at night When you're all on my mind, Bobby Womack's on the radio, Singing to me, 'If you think you're lonely now' Wait a minute, This is too deep, too deep. I gotta change the station. So I turn the dial, Trying to catch a break, And then I hear Babyface. I only think of you, And it's breaking my heart, I'm trying to keep it together, But I'm falling apart, I'm feeling all out of my element, I'm throwing things, Crying, Trying to figure out, Where the hell I went wrong, The pain reflected in this song, Ain't even half of what, I'm feeling inside, I need you, Need you back in my life baby. Repeat Chorus.

Song: Melt Away
By: Mariah Carey

You come to me with a casual flow, And suddenly my defenses start to go, When you talk to me in that sensual tone, It envelopes me and I lose my self control. Chorus: And baby I just melt away, Fall like rain, Everytime I see your face, I go off, I just want to break it down, Anytime you come around, Maybe I could melt away in your arms. Verse: Imagining that you're taking it slow, And so tenderly, ‘Till the feeling overflows, When you look at me I go soft and cave in, And I can't conceal that I'm slowly weakening. Back to Chorus. Bridge: You and me in a cloud of reveries, Spend around inside my head unendingly, (over and over and over and over), Thoughts run wild as I sit and rhapsodize, Paint pretty pictures of what I'd do if you were mine. Back to Chorus.

Song: Music Box
By: Mariah Carey

When I am lost, You shine a light for me and set me free. When I am low, You wash away my tears, And take me through, The loneliness, And emptiness, Through the darkest night, Somehow I survive, Through it all... Chorus: When you tell me I'm the only one you need, Sweet and tenderly, And your love, Breaks away the clouds surrounding me, All I have I want to give to thee. Verse: If I should fall, Your love is strong enough to lift me up. If I'm afraid, You chase away my fears, And take me to A brighter place, Beyond the rain, And I feel alright, Because you're by my side Through it all... Back to Chorus. You take me through, The loneliness and emptiness, And I feel alright, ‘Cause you're by my side, Through it all... Back to Chorus. Want to give you all of my love, Now and forever my love, All I have I want to give to thee.

Song: Fantasy
By: Mariah Carey

When you walk by every night, Talking sweet and looking fine, I get kind of hectic inside. Baby, I'm so into you, Darling if you only knew, All the things that float through my mind, But it's just a... Chorus: Sweet sweet fantasy baby, When I close my eyes, You come and you take me, On and on and on, It's so deep in my daydreams, But it's just a sweet sweet fantasy baby. Verse: Images of rapture, Creep into me slowly, As you're going to my head, And my heart beats faster, When you take me over, Time and time and time again, But it's just a... Back to Chorus. Bridge: I'm in heaven, With my boyfriend, My laughing boyfriend, There's no beginning and there is no end, Feels like I'm dreaming but i'm not sleeping. Back to Chorus.

Song: Daydream Interlude (Fantasy Sweet DubMix)
By: Mariah Carey

Da da da, Da da da, Feels so sweet, Da da da, In my daydream. And every night you creep into my dreams, (fantasy) It's so deep, But it's a fantasy. Hey hey hey, Every night you, Creep into my dreams, It's so real, In my daydreams, It's just a sweet, It's just a sweet. Ahhh, Ahhh, My daydream, And you seem so real, You touch me. You come into my dreams, Come to me, But it's just a fantasy. It feels so sweet, But it's just a dream, Oh baby, It's just a sweet fantasy. And daydream is all that I can do, I feel raptured over you. In silence I keep it to myself, Come and take me, I don't want nobody else. Say ohhhh, ohhhhh, (da da da da da) ohhhh, yeah, yeah. And the sweet is the sweet and the sweet as the sweet. And as deep as the reality, It's just a sweet, It's just a sweet. You better kiss the line, Kiss the line, Building in the sky, But it's just a fantasy. Oh baby, You come in to my dreams.

Song: I Am Free
By: Mariah Carey

Once I was a prisoner, Lost inside myself. With the world surrounding me, Wandering through the misery, But now I am free.... You, You gave me a breath of life, Unclouded my eyes, With a sweet serenity, Lighting a ray of hope for me.. And now I am free. Free to live, Free to laugh, Free to soar, Free to shine, Free to give, Free to love, Free enough to fly. Once I was so all alone, Unsteady and cold, But your love rained down upon me, Washing away uncertainty. But now, now, now I, I am free, I am free.

Song: When I Saw You
By: Mariah Carey

Soft heavenly eyes gazed into me, Transcending space and time, And I was rendered still, There were no words for me to find at all, As I stood there beside myself, I could see you and no one else. Chorus: When I saw you, When I saw you, I could not breathe, I feel so deep, When I saw you, When I saw you, I'd never be, I'd never be the same. Verse: Only once in a lifetime love rushes in, Changing you with the tide, And dawn's ribbon on light, Bursts through the dark, Wakening you inside, And I through it was all untrue, Until there all at once I knew. Back to Chorus. Bridge: With no beginning and without an end, You are the one for me, It's evident, And your eyes told me so, Your eyes let me know... Back to Chorus. Noooo, never be the same.

Song: Thank God I Found You
By: Mariah Carey, featuring 98 Degrees and Joe

I would give up everything, Before I'd separate, Myself from you, After so much suffering, I finally found unvarinshed truth. I was all be myself, For the longest time, So cold inside, And the hurt from the heartache, Would not subside, I felt like dying, Until you saved my life. Chorus: Thank God I found you, I was lost without you, My every wish and every dream, Somehow became reality, When you brought the sunlight, Completeted my whole life. I'm overwhelmed with gradtitude, My baby I'm so thankful, I found you. Verse: I will give you everything, There's nothing in this world, I wouldn't do. To insure your happiness, I cherish every part of you, 'Cause without you beside me, I can't survive, Don't want to try, If you're keeping me warm, Each and every night, I'll be alright, Because I need you in my life. Back to Chorus. Bridge: See I was so desolate, Before you came to me, Looking back I guess, It shows that we were, Destined to shine. After the rain, to appreciate, The gift of what we have, And I'd go through it all over again, To be able to feel this way. Back to Chorus.

Without You
By: Mariah Carey

No I can't forget this evening, Or your face as you were leaving, But I guess that's just the way the story goes. You always smile but in your eyes, Your sorrow shows, Yes it shows. No I can't forget tomorrow When I think of all my sorrow, When I had there, But then I let you go And now it's only fair, That I should let you know, What you should now. Chorus: I can't live, If living is without you, I can't live I can't give anymore, I can't live, If living is without you. I can't give, I can't give anymore. Verse: Well I can't forget this evening, Or your face as you were leaving, But I guess that's just the way, The story goes. You always smile but in your eyes, Your sorrow shows, Yes it shows. Back to Chorus.