Songs by: Brandy

Song: Happy
By: Brandy

I don't even know, How it got this way, When I first met you, I never thought your love was true. But I'm glad I saw just what was in store, All the while you plan to be my man, Now I'm in love with you. Chorus: You make me happy, You make me feel so good, With the things you do for me, Oh baby can't you see that, You make me happy, Make me feel so good. With the things you do for me, Oh baby, baby, baby. Verse: In search of happiness, Tryin' to find someone, Who can make me life so complete baby. If you only knew that someone was you boy, There would have been more happy days, So don't you go away. Back to Chorus. Bridge: No one can make me feel this way. You always seem to brighten up my day. Back to Chorus.

Song: Never Say Never
By: Brandy

Chorus: Who would ever thought a guy, Would want a girl like me, Who would ever though that I, Would fall so easily. Who would ever thought that we, Would finally come to be, I guess, they don't know, How much you mean to me. Who would ever thought that they, Would have some words to say, We'll go on anyway. It's alright - It's okay, Take what ever comes our way, Together we will stay, I got three words to say, Never Say Never. Verse: I can't believe they'd stop our hapiness, By trying to pull us down with such a mess, Why can't they let us live just like the rest, And keep us out of all this crazy madness. Now when they talk I think it's just a shame, That all they do is sit and think my name, When all I do is mainly, Sit and think about my baby and me. Bridge: Now baby they can't believe that, You and me are together, That's why they should have never, Never said never. There were times when we thought that, You and me could never be together, That's why we should have never, Never said Never. Back to Chorus. Now there's a lot of talkin' goin' round About the way me and you gettin' down, What are they jealous are they hatin' me, I guess they all have their own Ph.Ds, I wish that they would just stop sweatin' me, Stop tryin' to get the best of me, No matter what they say baby, We gotta move on cause we're gonna be happy. Bridge #2: We didn't let the thoughts that we had, We didn't let the words that they said, Keep us from the love we now have, Never say Never. Simply for me to see when, Never would've been never if allowed, Now that we are together, Never say Never. Back to Chorus.

Song: Put that on Everything
By: Brandy

If you're looking to find, A love that will stand till the end of time, Baby relax your mind my love is here. I'll do anything I swear, I'd take the pain and the hurt, You won't know it's there.Your wants would be nothing, I put that on everything. Verse: I will pull a star out of the sky for you, Yes I would, To the edge of the earth, I'll go to see you, Yes it's true, If you go anywhere, And I'm not there, Just think on thoughts of love, And I'll appear. Back to Chorus. Verse: Before I dream, I lay and think of you every night, Honest to God, I'm telling you the truth. I wish you could see, How much your presence means to me, You would love me so much, More each day. Back to Chorus. Bridge: I'll walk for you, Through the desert heat, I'll climb the mountains highest peak, I'll swim forever in the deepest sea. Just for you this song I sing, For all the love and joy you bring, For you I'll try, To do the impossible things. Back to Chorus.