Songs by: BBMac

Song: Until You're Back Here Baby
By: BBMac

Baby set me free. From this misery. I can't take it no more. Since you ran away, nothing's been the same. Don't know what i'm living for. Bridge: Cause here I am. So alone. And there's nothing in this world I can do... Chorus: Until you're back here baby. Miss you, want you, need you so. Until you're back here baby, hey. There's a feeling inside, I want you to know. You are the one and I can't let you go. So I told you lies. Even made you cry. Baby i was so wrong. And i promise you, now my love is true. This is where my heart belongs. Back to Bridge & Chorus. And i wonder... Are you thinking of me, Cause i'm thinking of you. And i wonder...Are you ever coming back in my life. Back to Bridge. Repeat Chorus 4x.