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Jen's Affiliate Program

Jen's Passions Page: Affiliates

Here is where you will find sites that are affiliated with Jen's Passions Page!

If you want to be apart of the JPP AFFILIATES, and are serious about your passions site then join and have your site affiliated here. Being an affiliate offers access to partner sites.

You can join for free and I will add your banner to the site affiliates page.

Would you like to join? Follow these instructions:


Contact me *Jenn* via e-mail


In your e-mail include your site address


In Subject of e-mail put: I want to join JPP Affiliates


I will review your site


If it pertains to passions and meets the guidelines, your site is in!


You'll then receive an affiliate banner


I will create an affiliate banner for your site


Finally, you'll be apart of JPP affiliates


Your site will be listed on my JPP affiliates page

So this affiliates allows for passions sites with dedicated webmasters to join together and support one anothers sites.

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Best of luck to all webmasters of passions sites, for entertaining us passions fans and thanks for visiting my affiliates page.


Jenn webmaster

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