Welcome to Loserville

Welcome to Loserville where everyone here lives in Harmony with the rest of its citizens. However, these particular individuals are different from the others because of one distinct quality - they are Losers! They need to either a) get a life or b) stop being so arrognant, noisy, goody, etc....You get my drift. Anyway I have nominated the citizens of Harmony in a special awards ceremony and find out who gets to take home the Loser Awards. They were handed out on February 28 2000. So here we go.......and the Losemmy goes to......

Most Annoying Character:
The nominees are

a) Hank Bennet
b) Charity Standish
c) Beth Wallace

The losemmy goes to Hank. And why does Hank Bennet get the pleasure of taking home this prestigious award for one reason and one reason only - He's living in a dream if he thinks he has a chance against Sheridan and Luis' chemistry. Hank is so annoying when he talks to Luis about winning Sheridan's heart. With that ego the only thing you could win is two thumbs down and our disapproval!

Most Annoying Villan:
The nominees are:

a) Tabitha Lenoz
b) Kay Bennet
c) Alistair Crane

The losemmy goes to Alistair Crane. Alistair deserves this award because how can he threaten to destroy Luis and Sheridan's love affair and never show his face? He is trying to be "bad" and its not winning the fans approval. Kay and Tabitha are good at being bad and Alistair should take some lessons from the masters of the dark side.

Most Least Interesting Character:
The nominees are:

a) Jessica Bennet
b) Reese Durkee
c) Beth Wallace

The losemmy goes to Beth Wallace. Sure Jessica and Reese aren't "big" players and have small roles in Harmony, but whatever comes out of Beth's mouth is not worth listening too. All she does is talk about a non-exist future with Luis. And frankly we are all sick of it! Wake up and smell the coffee you have no future with Luis and you should move on..to bigger and better things.

Worst Dressed Character:
The nominees are:

a) Simone Russell
b) Simone Russell
c) Simone Russell

As you can tell Simone wins hands down as the worst dressed character. Her clothes and hair get worse week after week after week...There are no other nominees because the residents of Harmony look good compared to Simone. Lately, her tops could be mistaken for the TV test pattern!

Most Unrealistic Scene
The nominees are:

a) Gwen not getting upset when the waiter spilled lots of cold drinks on her

b) Charity and Miguel surviving having fallen through thin ice

c) Hank having no job and yet has money to buy Sheridan flowers and take her on fancy dates

d) Theresa having a cellphone/webcam/personal computer and an awesome wardrobe even though the family claims they have bearly enough to pay the mortgage.

e) Tabitha having psychic powers only went its convient or pertains to her storyline

f) How all the teens in Harmony never seem to go to school or be in school - ever.

This one was tough - really tough there are a lot of unrealistic scenes in Harmony. However the losemmy goes to......Theresa having lots of cool stuff despite the fact Luis complains that Pilar works to the bone and barely has enough to pay the mortgage or heating bills, etc...I chose this scenario as the winner because the rest can all be explained or have some plausibility. Let me explain a) Maybe Gwen isn't as catty as we though. She can be nice is she chooses to. b) Charity and Miguel surviving is realistic because hey miracles can happen. c) Hank having no job - well we really don't know who he is working for could be working for Alistair and getting paid big bucks. And besides he is staying at Grace's bed and breakfast and she is married to his brother. He could be staying for free because after all he's family. e) Tabitha's psychic powers seem a little worn out. She knows some secrets and other she doesn't perhaps its because she is so old her memory has gotten rusty. Finally f) I know that the teens in Harmony don't go to school but hey its daytime all the other soaps do the same because how can these teens have interesting and sizzling storylines at school! So Theresa having a webcam/cell phone/personal computer and a fabulous wardrobe doesn't make her look any different from the rest of Harmony. How can that family be "poor" when they dress nicely and seem to be living comfortably. Frankly, they are middle class citizens not lower class and they should stop deluding themselves and the rest of Harmony.

Most Naive Character
The nominees are...

a) Ethan Crane
b) Hank Bennet
c) Timmy

The losemmy goes to.....Ethan Crane. Ethan is definetely a nice guy with a good heart, but he is by far the most naive character on Passions. I am sorry, but how could he not see how Theresa feels about him. And when Theresa magically took of the ring at the last moment and said "maybe it will work - miracles happen" couldn't he see how unlikely that was to happen. He is so gulable and he needs to wake up and realize that Theresa has eyes for only him. The way Theresa looks at him is clue to anyone that she has a thing for him. If Gwen can notice, and everyone else for that matter - including Julian - why can't Ethan!

Worst Fantasy:
The nominees are:

a) Kay's fantasy about dancing the tango with Miguel
b) Timmy's fantasy about being superman and saving Charity when she fall through the ice
c) Theresa's fantasy about being Scarlet O'Hara and having Ethan come and rescue her.

The losemmy goes to......Kay Bennet for her fantasy about dancing the tango with Miguel. Although I give her credit for making us laugh. Her fantasy was outrageous and hilarious. Miguel had a moustache and her in a black dress - it was funny. Their posture was off and they didn't look right or fit right - like Sheridan and Luis did when they danced the tango.

Most Unused Character Without Storyline:
The nominees are:

a) Jessica Bennet
b) Reese Durkee
c) Pilar Lopez-Fitzgerald

The losemmy goes to........Jessica Bennet! Reese who doesn't even belong to a major family in Harmony and he has had more air time than Jessica. Pilar needs a storyline, but she has had her share of moments especially during the New Years Eve when the fake "Martin" returned to Harmony. Jessica is a Bennet and she has such potential for an interesting and juicy storyline, but the writers keep her on the back burner. So unfortunately, the losemmy has to go to Jessica. I mean come on on New Years she didn't even have anything to do, but babysit! Hopefully, in the future this character will have more use and we can all watch her steal some scenes.

Most Annoyingly Sweet Character:
The nominees are:

a) Charity Standish
b) Charity Standish
c) Charity Standish

Well of course the losemmy goes to Charity I mean she literally has no rooting value because she is so annoyingly sweet. Like one fan said in SOW: "Let her fight have to fight for Miguel or have Tabitha bring her over to the dark side. Maybe then she'd be more entertaining." I agree her character is too goody and we need to see Charity in another light. Let Molly Stanton's (Charity) true acting abilities shine by giving her an opportunity to be something over than good old Charity! At least there is some hope, because with her new storyline Charity is going hysterical after seeing flashbacks of Eve and Julian.

Most Sickening Obsessed person in "love":
The nominees are:

a) Kay Bennett
b) Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald
c) Simone Russell

The winner is....Kay Bennett. She is entirely obsessed in her quest to win Miguel's love. She has stooped to the lowest levels imaginable to try and snag away Miguel from Charity's arms. She needs to wake up and notice that Miguel has only eyes for Charity. And that's the way it will always be.

Most Manipulative B**ch
The nominees are:

a) Ivy Crane
b) Rebecca Hotchkiss
c) Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald
d) Gwen Hotchkiss
e) Grace Bennett

The winner is....Here's where you come in! Vote for the winner of this category. The losemmy will be awarded by you, the fans. Click below to vote

Rebecca: 132 votes
Beth: 40 votes
Ivy: 22 votes
Gwen: 23 votes
Theresa: 19 votes
Sheridan: 2 votes
Syd: 1 vote
Grace: 1 vote
Kay: 1 vote

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Who is the most manipulative b**ch?

Well that's it folks the loser emmys have been awarded to the residents of Harmony and if you have any categories you would like to add please e-mail me and I will get your categories up!