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"Passions" Casting Director Nominated for Award "Passions" casting director Jacklynn Briskey has been nominated by the Casting Society of America for an Artios Award for Outstanding Achievement in Daytime Episodic Casting. The awards will be presented November 1.


NBC/Universal Studios, Inc. was awarded the 2005 National American Scene Award/Daytime Drama by the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists. It is the highest honor bestowed on its industry partners by AFTRA . The award recognized Passions "above all other daytime programs for its consistent level of diversity in casting for all roles, thereby portraying the American scene in a positive, balanced and realistic manner." Eva Tamargo (Pilar) and Charles Divins (Chad) accepted the award on behalf of Executive Producer Lisa de Cazotte.


Friday, November 4: Meet Heidi Mueller (Kay) on the "People Live" signing tour, sponsored by NBC Daytime, Walmart and People Magazine. Heidi will be signing autographs from 1-4pm at the Scottsdale Walmart Store near Phoenix, AZ.


A Passions character is coming out as a lesbian. Next week, Simone Russell (Cathy Janeen Doe) will have the "big talk" with her mother, Dr. Eve Russell. Turns out, while she was supposedly away on that school trip, Simone was actually canoodling with a close gal pal named Rae, who'll be portrayed by Josarra Jinaro starting Aug. 31. This Passions tale featuring an African-American lesbian character marks a daytime first.

Finally! Nissan Maxima hawker and Passions looker Charles Divins (Chad Harris) will be sharing on-screen kisses with someone other than his TV sister. He'll guest-star in the season premiere of UPN's Half & Half on Sept. 19 as Mona's (Rachel True) sexy new next-door neighbor. "I'm a pastry chef and she's my little chocolate truffle," he tells with a laugh. "My character tells her she's beautiful, bakes her goodies, writes her poems and everything. But Mona's insecure and can't take a compliment. That sort of kills the relationship. My episode is just a one-time gig, but I did move into her building, so who knows?" Speaking of comings and goings, Divins has reached the end of his three-year pact with Passions and is currently renegotiating his contract. Will Chad — who shares a newborn son with his half sibling Whitney Russell — stay in Harmony to sin some more? "We're working that out now. It's that time of year," he says. "My plans are to stay at Passions. I'll be there until they say 'No more Chad' and I get killed off or turned into a monster or whatever. You know how they do."


Daytime vet Tonja Walker-Davidson stirs up "Passions" Tonja Walker-Davidson will portray prosecuting attorney, "Grace Nancier," known as much for her law-based cable television series, "Death Watch," as for her courtroom pyrotechnics. Tonja's daytime credits include long-running portrayals on "One Life to Live" and "General Hospital, " as well as "Capitol." Her first airdate is Friday, September 9th.


( -- NBC is turning up the heat this summer with the addition of a new hunk to the cast of the daytime drama ‘Passions’. The network recently announced South Africa native Adrian Wilson is on board to join the show in the contact role of “Christopher Booth”. In a statement released by NBC, Executive Produce Lisa de Cazotte provides the following insight, “Chris comes to Harmony at a time when the populace is trying to rally after a series of devastating natural disasters. His influence on many of the key characters in our story will be profound.” TV speculates the character might mix it up with the show’s leading lady Sheridan Crane (McKenzie Westmore). While Wilson is a daytime newcomer, the model-turned-actor will also be featured in the upcoming Hallmark sci-fi TV Movie, ‘Supernova,’ along with Peter Fonda (‘Easy Rider’), Luke Perry (‘Beverly Hills: 90210’) and Tia Carrera (‘Wayne’s World’). Wilson will make his ‘Passions’ debut on Thursday, August 18th.


On the heels of Kelli McCarty's departure, soap veteran Kathleen Noone is said to be leaving the canvas alongside her on-screen daugther. Noone has been on such soaps as Sunset Beach, will exit Passions this summer. Apparently, Noone's role as Mrs. Edna Wallace is storyline dictacted and her character will have her meet her demise in an earthquake. UPDATE: According to a recent interview with TVGuide, "Passions" headwriter, James E. Reilly, recently revealed the fate of Edna Wallace, played by daytime vet, Kathleen Noone. Edna will be exiting the canvas on August 3rd in the wake of a new, exciting summer storyline on "Passions" that will kick off the last week of July. (Source TV guide/SON)
Rumours are swirling around that Charles Divins (Chad) will also be exiting Passions and be another victim of the Harmony disaster. Stay tuned for confirmation of his exit or renewal as details become available.

Stars "Passion"-ate about Renewals; Many Passions Stars re-sign!

May 21, 2005 ( -- With its sixth anniversary a little over a month away, "Passions" is already announcing the contract renewals of some of the show's hottest stars! Juliet Mills (Tabitha), Tracey Ross (Eve), MacKenzie Westmore (Sheridan), Eric Martsolf (Ethan), Rodney Van Johnson (TC), Kim Johnston Ulrich (Ivy), and Danica Stewart (Jessica) have all re-signed contracts to remain with the soap. Galen Gering (Luis) has also re-signed with the show but under slightly different circumstances. Contract negotiations for Gering came down so close to the wire that the show had already made plans to write out the character. As a result of Luis' already planned exit, Gering's two year contract will go into effect upon the return from his hiatus. "I am taking some time off, but I don't know how long yet. I don't think they even know how long yet!"...Gering said in a recent chat. He confirmed he will be taping through most of June and is unsure of exactly how Luis will be written off. Regardless, he promises some great things are in store for Luis and Sheridan. "I know the writers have some stuff up their sleeves." Gering previews that there will be some interesting material for "Shuis" that the viewers have never seen before and probably would not expect! Gering, Westmore, Ulrich, Mills, Ross, and Johnson have all been with the show since its inception on July 5, 1999. Danica Stewart joined the show as Jessica Bennet in July 2003 with Eric Martsolf premiering just a year before that in July 2002.


Passions fans can rest easy: ( Spanish studpuppy Galen Gering (Luis) won't abandon us like Desperate Housewives' Jesse Metcalfe (ex-Miguel) did. "We are delighted that Galen has signed a new contract and will be staying with Passions," says a show rep.
But there may be a twist. Because Gering's talks with the network went down to the wire, the show's writing team was said to have no choice but to plan for the actor's possible exit. In doing so, the show created a storyline that will have Gering exit the canvas - possibly for up to six months. Of course, with Gering back on board, the writers can very easily adjust the time frame and allow Gering to return to the canvas much sooner. A show spokesperson declined to comment on the possibility that Gering will temporarily exit, noting, "It is show policy not to comment on contracts, lengths or terms." Luis will supposedly be going after Beth when she skips town with Marty.

'PSNS' Actress Mourning a Loss

Legendary film-star, Sir John Mills, who was best known for his roles in such films as 'Great Expectations' (1946), 'Ice Cold in Alex', 'Dunkirk' and 'Tunes of Glory' has died at the age of 97, SON has learned. The actor is survived by his wife of 64 years, Mary Hayley Bell, his son Jonathan, and daughters Hayley and Juliet (Tabitha, PSNS). He died yesterday, April 23, "peacefully at home after a short illness," a member of his staff said in a statement. Queen Elizabeth II was "sorry" to hear of the death, her spokeswoman said, while British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, said he had been "honoured" to be a friend of Mills. The Queen knighted Mills in 1976. Mills had a career that lasted for more than 70 years, culminating with a Best Support Actor Oscar win in 1971 for his role in 'Ryan's Daughter.' The BBC reports the actors family is flying to Britain from the United States and is expected to arrive by Monday. A funeral service was held on April 27 in Denham.


Soap Opera Digest: Tell us about the proposal. Mueller: It was over Christmas, and we were in [my hometown of] Cincinnati. There was this really big snowstorm and we were sort of stranded. We were in my room and it was like 2 o'clock in the morning. He just looked at me and said, "I want to ask you now." I was like, "Oka! Well, ask me!" So, he did. It was cute. I was glad that it was in my room because I grew up in that room, so it meant a lot. Then he opened the box with the ring and I was blinded because this thing is unbelievable. He did so well. I can't believe he picked this thing out. It's gorgeous.
Digest: Who was the first person you told that you were engaged? Mueller: My dad. We were at my dad's house and by this time it was about 3:30 a.m. I walked downstairs and woke up my dad and said, "I gotta show you something." He couldn't believe it. He thinks [the ring is] beautiful. He was excited for us. You know what? That's wrong. That's not the first person I told. My mom called at 3:30 in the morning because she broke her foot that night and I didn't know. She had just gotten back from the hospital and she called to tell me what happened. She called right after he asked me. I said, "Mom, you're never going to believe this." She said, "Wake up your dad." I said I would tell him in the morning, but she said, "No, you should wake him up!"
Digest: Who was the first co-star you told about your engagement? Mueller: I called Danica [Stewart, Jessica] the day after. Then I called Cathy [Jeneén Doe, Simone]. They were yelling and excited.


RUMOUR: Tina Louise (ex-Ginger, Giligan's Island) will join the cast as Helen Winthrop in early 2005 when Ivy and her mother face off over Ivy coming into her inheritance so she and Sam can begin living the high life. Helen will also be keeping a secret in her basement as well as another secret trust fund that has been sending child support to a family in Harmony for years.


On January 21st NBC announced the renewal of daytime's youngest drama "Passions" for a seventh season and that the show's creator James E. Reilly will continue his role as consulting producer and head writer. "The emergence of 'Passions' as a top-tier soap opera is something to celebrate and I'm pleased to reward the show's success with this seventh-season renewal," said Kevin Reilly. "The creator, James E. Reilly, continues to amaze us with his masterful storytelling. We are fortunate to have him continue in his role at 'Passions' while simultaneously working as head writer on 'Days of our Lives.' We know the fans will look forward to another year of on-the-edge-of-your seat stories."

ALISTAIR ANEW: John Reilly Joins Passions

Veteran actor John Reilly has joined the cast of "Passions" in the contract role of "Alistair Crane." Reilly formerly portrayed Sean Donnelly on General Hospital, Del Douglas on Sunset Beach, Dr. Dan Stewart on As The World Turns and in 2001 guest starred on NBC's Days of Our Lives as Marquis of La Cienega. His other television credits include the role of Bill Taylor on Beverly Hills 90210, Mack McBride on Melrose Place, Jake Larner on Paper Dolls, Roy Ralston on Dallas and J.J. on Dynasty. Additionally, Reilly has had numerous guest star roles on hit shows including Arli$$, Judging Amy, Diagnosis Murder, Caroline in the City, Empty Nest and Newhart. Reilly's film credits include Iron Man, Touch 'N Go, Deal of the Century, Main Event and The Great Waldo Pepper. Reilly's first tape date is Monday, December 6. His first airdate is scheduled for Friday, January 21, 2005.


November 29, 2004...Los Angeles, CA...Actor David Bailey, who played patriarch Alistair Crane on NBC Universal Television's PASSIONS, passed away on Thursday, November 25 in an accidental drowning. "It is with great sadness that we learned of the sudden passing of David Bailey," said Executive Producer Lisa de Cazotte. "He was a man of great compassion and kindness as well as an extraordinary actor. " "David Bailey made an immediate and indelible impression in his role as patriarch of the Crane family on PASSIONS," said NBC Universal Television's Senior Vice President of Daytime, Sheraton Kalouria. "He will be warmly remembered and greatly missed." Bailey's character, Alistair Crane, was a mystery to viewers since PASSIONS inception in July 1999; he was always heard but not seen. This changed in September 2004 when David Bailey took on the role, and the face, of PASSIONS most ruthless character. On television, Bailey is well known for his ten-year portrayal as Russ Matthews on NBC's soap opera Another World as well as for his role as Alan Spaulding on Guiding Light, Ben Forrest on As The World Turns and Teddy Malcolm on Ryan's Hope. Bailey's other series regular roles include Charles Kincaid on the sitcom Kate & Allie and Dr. Bellamy on Hack. He portrayed General Cunningham on the Emmy winning HBO telefilm Something the Lord Made with Alan Richman. For 25 years, Bailey worked with the late Danny Thomas as the regional host of the St. Jude's Children's Hospital's Telethon on WLIO-TV, the NBC affiliate in Lima, Ohio. In lieu of flowers memorial donations be made in his memory to St. Jude's Children's Hospital. This can be done by calling (800) 822-6344 or online at His wife Yvonne Bailey of Philadelphia, PA and son Xander Bailey of Los Angeles, CA survive him.

Passions Nominated for 8 Soap Opera Digest Awards!

Congratulations to the Cast and Crew of "Passions" on their Soap Opera Digest Awards nominations! "Passions" has been nominated in the following categories.
Outstanding Lead Actor: Ben Masters (Julian)
Outstanding Younger Lead Actor: Justin Hartley (Fox)
Outstanding Younger Lead Actress: Brook Kerr (Whitney)
Outstanding Female Newcomer: Silvana Arias (Paloma) and Heidi Mueller (Kay)
Outstanding Villainess: Amelia Marshall (Liz)
Favorite Couple: Luis and Sheridan
Favorite Triangle: Theresa, Fox and Whitney
Favorite Show: Passions


Passions character Jessica Bennett (Danica Stewart) continues her role as a "mark" representative. The July issue of Avon’s “mark” magalog will feature Stewart along with Alison Sweeney (Sami, DOOL).  In the fall, the magalog, is set to feature columns written by “Jessica Bennett" herself.

Andrea Evans Adopts Baby!


Passions' Lindsay Korman has changed her name to Lindsay Hartley to reflect her marriage to co-star Justin Hartley (Fox).

Passions Wins Two Daytime Emmys!

"Passions" won two Emmy Awards--one in the category of "Outstanding Original Song" and one in the category of "Outstanding Achievement in Music Direction and Composition for a Drama Series" at the 31st Annual Creative Arts Emmy Presentation on Saturday, May 15. John Henry Kreitler, Composer/Lyricist and Pete Rich, Lyricist received television's highest recognition in the category of "Outstanding Original Song," "I Ain't Sorry," which originally aired on June 27, 2003 as part of PASSIONS: A Musical Extravaganza, a true Broadway-style revue that involved three cast members, six Broadway dancers and "Precious" the orangutan. Ed O'Donnell and Paul F. Antonelli, Music Directors and John Henry Kreitler and Wesley B. Boatman, Jr., Composers received television's highest recognition in the category of "Outstanding Achievement in Music Direction and Composition for a Drama Series" for their continued work as "Passions" musical team. Ed, Paul, John and Wesley were all present at the ceremony and were presented their Emmy by Passions' actresses Silvana Arias (Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald) and Heidi Mueller (Kay Bennett). The Creative Craft Emmy Awards were presented on Saturday, May 15, in Los Angeles at the Hollywood Highland.

Charles Divins in Music Video!

Charles Divins (Chad) recently completed filming Kimberly Locke's (American Idol - 2nd Season) new music video titled "8th World Wonder." Divins plays Locke's love interest. The CD debut is scheduled for May 4, 2004 release with the music video to immediately follow. Be on the lookout for Charles!


SON's annual Top 40 couples has been released here's how our Passions couples ranked. Only one couple made the grade...

At #24: Fox & Whitney

When Special Effects Go Wrong: 'Passions' Catches Fire

When GAIL MONIAN visits "Passions," the trained stunt expert knows there will be plenty of action. Her expertise includes jumps, falls, bounces and martial arts, but this red-hot mama has also been known to set things ablaze when the stunt guys light her up and set her on fire. Gail has performed two previous fire stunts for "Passions," and ET was on the set the day she did her third. On tonight's show, tune in and watch her burn! Gail was joined by stunt coordinator HARRY WOWCHUK and series star KELLI McCARTY, who plays Beth Wallace, the actress for whom Gail was stunting.
The scene takes place in Beth's bedroom. "This is my third burn and I haven't felt anything but warm each time," Gail tells ET, as she shows us the special gel she wears to protect her skin. Prior to tackling the stunt, Kelli and Gail were made to look alike by the makeup and hair staff, who made a short, dark wig for Gail that resembles Kelli's haircut. And according to the makeup staff, the key is to match the eye and lip colors for those quick cuts that might catch a glimpse of Gail's face. When they were ready to begin, Kelli admitted she was glad it was Gail who was getting set on fire. "It is always a relief that I am not doing the stunt," Kelli says. "I am always jealous. I want to be able to do what she is doing but that's not going to happen."
Gail's portion of the stunt went off without a hitch, but Kelli was not quite as lucky. In the scene where she lies in bed, a steamer with hot oil produced a vapor that accidentally scalded her The emergency crew was only five feet away and raced into action. Kelli was given ice to cool her down, and an organic fire gel that kept her blistering to a minimum. Then she was sent to the nurse's station to be checked out. But, trooper that she is, she was quickly back to finish her scenes -- and all was well.

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You Can Own What No Other Fan Of Has!

As a fan of Passions you have the chance to own a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork doodled by some of the hottest Passions stars. Go to and bid on the doodles by Galen Gering, McKenzie Westmore & Eric Martsolf. These doodles will never be duplicated!
Proceeds benefit the Hattie Larlham Foundation, an organization providing services to children and adults with severe disabilities and medically fragile conditions. Call 330-620-9340 for more information.
Please feel free to pass along at the web site to all fan club members, and post on the web site for all to see!


Natalie Zea (ex-Gwen) & Travis Schuldt (ex-Ethan) were always the best of friends during their runs on Passions. However, recently it has been revealed the best friends have taken their relationship to the next level. Natalie & Travis have been dating for a while now and recently went public with their relationship at a premiere.

Luis and Sheridan Named "Hottest Couple!"

Luis and Sheridan (Galen Gering and McKenzie Westmore) took the honors of "Hottest Couple" in this year's Soap Chat Viewers' Choice Awards. The winners were announced in an online Cyber-Ceremony on Sunday, December 8. This year, a record 23,392 unique online visitors cast their ballots in 20 categories for the 2002 Soap Chat Viewers Choice Awards between July 6, 2002 and August 25, 2002. The Soap Chat Viewers Choice Awards provide online soap opera viewers with an opportunity to have their individual and collective voices heard in honoring the very best and brightest soap opera actors, characters and storylines.

McKenzie Weds Seven!

McKenzie Westmore (Sheridan) married Atlantic Records artist 'Seven' of Seven and the Sun in a private ceremony on May 25, 2002, the couple just announced! Westmore and Seven met on the set of "Passions" earlier this year when the musician taped a guest spot and played Passions' official summer anthem "Walk With Me." "I knew it was love at first sight," said Westmore. "Seven felt the same way. It was amazing." Sharing a love of music, both are trained opera singers, Seven and Westmore began a whirlwind romance that moved to both coasts and to other destinations as Seven was on tour for Atlantic Records. "We know that we have something that can endure the test of time," continued Westmore. "So we made the decision to marry and spend the rest of our lives together."

Actor Josh Ryan Evans passed away on the evening of August 5 at a San Diego, CA hospital due to complications stemming from a long-time congenital heart condition. Evans was 20 years old. He is survived by his mother Cheryl, his father Chuck, his older brother James Evans and his grandparents Belle and Gene Riding. "We are deeply saddened by the sudden and tragic loss of Josh Ryan Evans. He was a truly unique talent with a remarkable spirit. He will be sorely missed by his 'Passions' family and by all of us at NBC." Josh Ryan Evans' final airdate on "Passions" was Monday, August 5. Upon receiving news of his passing, all future episodes of "Passions" were re-edited to remove any scenes including Evans' character "Timmy." At the family's request, donations may be sent in Josh's name to the Make-a-Wish Foundation in lieu of flowers. Donations may be made via phone at 1-866-880-1382, online at or by mail to Make-a-Wish Gift Processing Center, P.O. Box 29119, Phoenix, AZ, 85038-9119.

Diet Coke with Lemon has teamed up with 65 daytime TV celebrities from to create a one-of-a-kind collage poster of autographs and puckers, to generate awareness and money for Dress for Success, a non-profit organization that provides low income women with business suits and career assistance. Now you may ask, "What is a pucker?" Soap opera and talk show stars left impressions of their actual lipstick smooches on the piece. Some of the men even reached into a makeup drawer to ensure their pucker was perfect. Sixteen Passions stars are included in the piece! Andrea Evans, Kim Johnston Ulrich, Lindsay Korman, Natalie Zea, McKenzie Westmore, Donn Swaby, Ben Masters, Travis Schuldt, Galen Gering, Juliet Mills, Jade Harlow, Brook Kerr, Eva Tamargo Lemus, James Hyde, Dana Sparks and Deidre Hall all offered their puckers for this great cause.

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