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Heero Yuy
Quatre Reberba Winner
Duo Maxwell
Trowa Barton
Relena Peacecraft/Dorlian

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Heero Yuy*UPDATED*
Quatre Reberba Winner
Duo Maxwell*UPDATED*
Trowa Barton
Wufei Chang
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Hello, my name is Heero_Yuy_gundam_pilot_01 (HYgp01), this page is dedicated to the Gundam Wing series, here you will find pictures, character bios, episode list, mecha (gundams/mobile suits) info, movie list, video games, history, and possibly scripts...

Gundam wing (New Report: Mobile Suit Gundam Wing) is a series that spawned from the 1979 anime series "Mobile Suit Gundam", Gundam Wing hit Japan's airwaves in 1995, and American's are just now getting to see this series, which airs on Cartoon Network twice a day on weekdays, there is an uncut version of the episodes on late night (midnight). The series is about 5 young pilots who are sent to earth to stop the Earth's Sphere Alliance, which is headed up by the Romafeller Foundation, and the Oz military, takes over the Alliance, and tries to destroy the Foundation. The battle heads into space, where the space colonies are, OZ seeing the opportunity to rule space, tries to take over the colonies. The Gundams follow the battle into space to find that the colonies that once were on the Gundams' side, have betryed them, and want them destroyed.... (click on "story" coming soon, to find out more)

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This page is under construction, but I feel I have enough info up for now

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Well, I finally got over my laziness and did something with the page added a guest book, yes it's a small thing, but more than what has been done in the past 4 or 5 months, so there should be some more updates to come, not gonna promise anything, cuz i never know when i'm gonna get lazy again so take it easy and please use the guest book to let me know if you like my page and what you like and what you would like to see added or updated... thank you...


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