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The Gomer Pyle TV Stands Page

TV Stands Page
TV stands

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Howdy howdy howdy and welcome welcome welcome to the Gomer Pyle Page!! ^_^ SITE LAST UPDATED: May 10th, 2002

BIG NEWS!!! This just in from H Boyce, Proud father of a US Marine: Gomer Pyle has been honored in the United States Marine Corps for the good reputation he helped to bring to the USMC. Jim Nabors accepted the award.

Guys, I've just created a Gomer Pyle message board/community at ezBoard. You have to register with ezBoard, but it's free! Hope to see lots of people join, and that the Gomer board will become as popular as Miss Crump's! :) Also, please check out this petition! It doesn't have anything to do with Gomer, but it's really worthwhile. Please check it out and consider signing!

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Private Gomer Pyle The sweet, lovable, naive former gas jockey from Mayberry. He's always honest, such as the time when a pay phone broke and all the money spilled out. ("Gomer and the Phone Company.") Gomer didn't keep the money---instead, he took it back to the phone company. He loves animals and kids, and usually will have to sneak them on the base for one reason or another. His girlfriend is Lou-Ann Poovie.

Sergeant Vince Carter Gomer's irascible platoon leader. He often tries to get rid of Gomer, but when he does, he always feels bad and figures out some way to get him back. He's always telling Gomer not to be so naive, but he always winds up getting tricked himself, especially if there's a pretty girl on hand. He's actually a pretty nice guy at heart. He had many one-time girlfriends before finding Bunny Olsen.

Corporal Chuck Boyle (my favorite) Sergeant Carter's levelheaded, goodhumored aide. He'll always stand up for Gomer, such as the time Gomer ate some Welsh rabbit and told Carter off twice---sleepwalking!!! ("Gomer the Welsh Rabbit Fiend.") He's hardly ever without a wisecrack of sorts, and he has a string of hilarious facial expressions (check out his expression when General Cortez says Gomer should take over the platoon in "Wild Bull of the Pampas"!). He never had a girl, the reason probably being that he didn't seem to be that interested in women.

Private Duke Slater Gomer's best friend. He does great imitations and once did a nightclub act impersonating Carter ("Duke the Nightclub Comic"). He's a bit of a girl-chaser, along with Carter (i.e., the early Lou-Ann episodes, "Win-a-Date," etc).

Private Lester Hummel Gomer's practical pal. He likes to find out the facts before he jumps into things. One of the most memorable episodes in which he appeared was when Gomer tried to sneak a horse on base ("Goodbye Dolly").

Private Frankie Lombardi
Yet another of Gomer's pals. He was on hand when Gomer brought a mother-to-be cat on board a Naval ship ("Cat Overboard!"). He has a sister named Rosa, and once invited Gomer with him on a weekend pass to meet his family. ("Arrividerci, Gomer.")---I hope I spelled that right! I'm not so good with Italian!---

Colonel Edward Gray
Camp Henderson's commanding officer. When Gomer's well-meaning plans have strange results and Carter is worried that he'll be in trouble for not stopping him, everything will have an ironically good twist and work out fine. He and his wife own a German Shepherd named Prince ("A Dog is a Dog is a Dog").

Sergeant Charley Hacker
The mess sergeant. Usually he and Carter will indulge in bets involving Gomer, such as the time when they wagered that anyone could work in the mess hall, even Gomer ("Gomer the Super Chef").

Bunny Olsen
Carter's girlfriend. When they're out on a date, something unexpected will usually happen. Gomer and Lou-Ann might join them and turn it into a double date, they might run into crooks, or some other nutty obstacle will occur that interrupts the serenity. She has an Old English sheepdog puppy named Tipper ("Cold Nose, Warm Heart").

Lou-Ann Poovie
Gomer's girlfriend. She's an aspiring singer, but sadly, she sings off-key. Later she went to work in a record shop. Once she worked late and her new boss took her out to dinner and Carter saw them and thought she was two-timing Gomer ("Sergeant Iago").

Corporal Ron Jensen
Hacker's aide. Usually he'll go along with Hacker's schemes. Sometimes he offers advice to get Hacker out of pickles ("Chef for a Day").

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