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I Love Lucy

My favorite show of all time is "I Love Lucy" starring Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. Their costars were Vivian Vance and William Frawley.

This picture is taken from the episode "The Saxophone" which aired September 22,1952. During this episode Lucy wants to go along with Ricky and his band out of town on a series of one-nighters. Showing her musical abilities Lucy plays "Glow Worm" the only song she learned to play in high school at Celeron, NY. Lucy attends Ricky's band auditions dressed in a zoot suit. Trying to keep Ricky from going on the road Lucy plots to make him jealous. Lucy tries to lead Ricky to think she has spent the afternoon with another man by placing Fred's derby and gloves in the apartment. Ricky is jealous until Fred asks Lucy why his derby and gloves are in their apartment. Ricky attempts to teach Lucy a lesson. Ricky arranges to have 3 or 4 guys to pose as Lucy's lovers taking up temporary residence in the Ricardo's closet. The joke works perfectly until the Union man phones Ricky to tell him he couldn't get anyone to help out. Ricky is frantic not realizing Lucy arranged the call.*

Above is one of the most widely published promotional pics.

This picture is from one of my favorite episodes, "The Diet". Lucy realizes she has put on 22 pounds since she married Ricky. Lucy finds out that a singer in Ricky's Tropicana nightclub act is getting married and will be quitting the show. Lucy wants the job of course. The next day she auditions as Lucy MacGillicuddy. Ricky will let her have the part if she can fit into the size 12 gown. Lucy tries everything to lose the 22 pounds in four days. In a funny scene she wrestles with the Mertzes'dog Butch for a scrap of meat. She resorts to a "human pressure cooker", finally weighing in at 120 pounds. Ricky sings "Cuban Pete" and Lucy sings "Sally Sweet". After the show she collapses due to malnutrition. The songs were featured in the Arnazes' 1950 vaudeville tour and the subsequent I Love Lucy pilot.

In the episode "Lucy is Envious". Lucy's ex-schoolmate Cynthia, is collecting money for charity. Lucy is informed that a mutual friend "gave six". Lucy tells Cynthia to put her down for "five". Lucy is shocked to learn that her "five" is really five hundred dollars. Proud Lucy decides to earn the necessary cash. Ethel sees an advertisement that Al Barton needs two brave women for a publicity stunt involving a new movie "Women from Mars". The salary is five hundred dollars. Lucy and Ethel take the job. They dress in martian drag and "invade" the top of the Empire State Building. The stunt makes the headlines and Lucy gets the five hundred dollars she needs.

Adamson's lyrics to I Love Lucy: Verse: Theres's a certain couple that I know. They're strictly love birds. A pair of turtle dove birds. He's a guy who wants the world to know, So ev'ry day you'll hear him say: Chorus: I love lucy and she loves me. We're as happy as two can be. Sometimes we quarrel but then how we love making up again. Lucy kisses like no one can. She's my missus and I'm her man. And life is heaven you see, 'Cause I love Lucy, Yes, I love Lucy And Lucy loves me.

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