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The 3 A-Megos Abbreviations List!

We have compiled a list of commonly used Mego abbreviations for anyone wondering what the heck people are talking about. Please let us know of any additions or corrections!

Mego Series Abbreviations

POTA = Planet of the Apes
WGSH = World's Greatest Super Heros
OMBC = One Million B.C
WOZ = Wizard of Oz
DOH = Dukes of Hazard
STTMP = Star Trek The Motion Picture
STMP = Star Trek The Motion Picture

Quality Abbreviations

NM = Near Mint
MIB = Mint in Box
MIMB = Mint in Mint Box
NRFB = Never Removed From Box
MOC = Mint on Card
MOMC = Mint on Mint Card
NRFC = Never Removed From Card
MOUC = Mint on Unopened Card
NR = No Reserve (this one is mostly just on ebay)

General Abbreviations

LMK = Let Me Know
PLMK = Please Let Me Know
LYK = Let You Know
TTYL = Talk to you Later
LOL = Laughing out Loud (you will need to know this one if you plan to ask anyone if they have an extra Riddler Belt)
!@#$%&* = I'm not very happy (you will need to know this one if you use the Quality Abbreviations incorrectly)


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