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Montrail Hiking Boots

Gwen wears Montrail Torre GTX hiking boots. These boots have nubuck leather uppers and vibram soles. They are also lined with Gortex (that's what the GTX stands for) so that they are waterproof, but breathable. The women's size is reported by the manufacturer to weigh 1 lb 6 oz, but since Gwen wears a size 11, we suspect her's weigh a tad more. Gwen has a very long, but narrow foot, and we had a heck of a time finding shoes that fit correctly, but these seem to be doing quite well. They are still in the "break-in" period, but they are comfortable and not too big width wise or volume wise. These shoes are properly maintained by washing off dirt and mud, then waterproofing with Nikwax nubuck and suede waterproofer.