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So you managed to find shoes that fit well. Here's where we would recommend buying a footbed. "But why?!?" you ask. Hard to stomach buying $30 footbeds when you just spent $150 on shoes? Well, suck it up--your feet will thank you.
Some people are happy to stick with the insert that came in their shoe. We're just not those people. Vin and Gwen both have Superfeet footbeds in their shoes. Over time (about a week or two) these inserts will mold to your foot, giving you a much better fit. They will also help to prevent rolling your foot to either the inside or outside, cup your heel, and solve most volume problems. Superfeet makes several types of inserts, but there are two kinds of hiking inserts. The low profile (blue) and the high profile (green). You should choose whatever will fit better in your shoe. Superfeet recommends removing the insert that came with your shoe and replacing it with their's. We think this suggestion is mostly due to them protecting their market niche, and you should leave the old insert in if it's more comfortable to you.
Superfeet are made to fit different sized shoes, but are also trimmable within that range. So you want to buy the ones that fit your shoe size, but then you take out the insert that came with the shoe, place it over the Superfeet footbed, and trim the footbed down to size. Beware that Superfeet can hurt the first few days, before they mold to your feet. Don't be discouraged by this--put in the time to break them in. Superfeet recommends wearing them only for 4 hours the first four days, then gradually increasing from there.