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The options for utensils are almost endless. A while ago, Gwen had the bright idea of taking some extra sporks on a Taco Bell trip and using them on the next camping excursion. They were free, and they were super lightweight, and they promptly melted when they were used to stir our dinner into boiling water. Okay, so turns out you really can be TOO frugal. Most of life is about trial and error. A better bet on utensils is to visit the local outdoor store and just buy some. All you really need is a spoon (Some people prefer a spork) and they’re sold in several different materials. Titanium has the best weight to strength ratio, but also the highest price tag, with a single spoon likely to set you back $11. We settled on lexan. A lexan spoon only costs about a buck and weighs in at a mere 0.25oz. If you want to get really serious about weight, you can cut off the handle, but we suggest you really think about whether giving up the comfort of a handle on your spoon is really worth a few grams.