USS Charleston NCC-70570. Allows people to enjoy a PBeM Simm in a startrek universe experience.
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USS Charleston NCC-70570-A

Welcome to the USS Charleston NCC-70570!
Please browse around and take a look at the ship.

If you have any questions please e-mail the game master. All Star Trek fans can enjoy the Role Playing Gaming environment aboard the Charleston as she battles old foes, develops new technologies, and has an all around 'bonny' trip!

Please Note! The Charleston's location is moving. Please go to to view the new site. Thank you.

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Rushing in where angels fear to tread...the year is 2381, and you've been recruited by Starfleet to protect the universe as part of the brave crew of the USS Charleston NSCC-70570-A.

Designed to be a fast, powerful, battleship, the Charleston class ship is one of Starfleet's best unknown designs. First designed in the 2350's, the class went through many design changes before she was ever off the drawing board. In 2372, the first ship of the class was built. Quietly, she made a name for herself and her class. Since, twelve more of the class have been built.

With many threats still facing the Federation after the Dominion war, coupled with her exploration duties, the Charleston class ship is capable of both duties. Integrated in her are systems for the Sovereign, Galaxy Dreadnought, Nebula, and Intrepid class. Capable of warp speed in excess of warp 9 thanks to her variable geometry, prototype nacelles, she is one of Starfleet's fastest ships. With type XII Phasers, an arsenal of torpedoes, ablative armor, and powerful shielding, the Charleston class enhances Starfleet's new battle fleet dramatically.

The Charleston is more than just a bunch of players. We are a family of friends. Those who play here have real lives, and we are very proud of the Charleston's family for their many achievement. Below is the book Nocturne written by Chantal and Mark Whittington. Chantal has served on the Charleston since July 2002 as her Executive Officer, and she has done a fine job of it to *wink*.

View Chantal's Book Review and Online Ordering!

The international Space Shuttle Columbus was lost on the morning of Febuary 1st, 2003 with all hands aboard. While this is a tragedy, we will always remember the seven aboard and all those who are involved in space exploration for their dedication and desire to learn, about how it propelled them beyond the mundain and into a reality of hope and dreams. We salute you, The Colombus Astronauts.

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