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That being said, I'd just like to say that first, this site was made back in 2002, when I still watched this show. Not that I haven't watched it since the first season, but I just don't watch much tv in general anymore. Mostly soccer or golf if it's on. But rarely do I devote myself to a weekly show. Some have suggested that I take this site down, but it'll remain up until angelfire goes bonkers and shuts everything down. So until then, enjoy whatever I have on this site. I barely remember, but I'm sure it's worth two, maybe three, minutes of your precious time. :)
Also, I'm on Mozilla, and the layout looks horrible. Wow. From what I can remember, it used to look half decent on Internet Explorer. Ah cripes, who cares. Deal with it, kids.
-Sept, 2004, Chelsey

Star Trek and all its related marks are trademarks of Paramount Pictures. No Infringement Intended. I was just told that Paramount likes to sue kids online that have sites about Star Trek. So I decided to cover my butt and put this up. All I have to say is that I've bought hundreds of dollars worth of Star Trek merchandise, such as those action figures, YEAH I BOUGHT A LOT OF THOSE WHEN I WAS A KID. So I don't want anyone suing my butt. And if you don't like my site, please tell me what i need to take down, ok? Well God Bless - Chelsey