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2362- Construction is started on Starbase 10

2365- Construction is finished and the station commonsioned under the Command of Vice-Admiral Carlos Johnson.

2371- Starbase 10 is open to Romulan Military personnel after the outbreak of the Dominion War.

2375- Dominion War is over and the Romulan Military withdrawls from Starbase 10

2376- Captain Kevin Miller assumes Command of Starbase 10

2377- Starbase 10 rescues Romulan scientists.

2378- Iconia Scandel, USS Valley Forge is destroyed in the Iconia system. Captain Miller, Commander Steven Hunter, Lt.Commander Mark Keaton, and Lieutenant Ken Johnson are indicted in the scadel. Miller is relieved of his command but promoted to Admiral. Hunter, Keaton, and Johnson are sentenced in the crime.

        August- Commander Zachari J. Vrona assumed Command of Starbase 10. Lt. Commander tr'Lennex assumes command of the USS George S. Patton. A bomb goes off on Deck 10 killing many civilians and Starfleet personal. Kevin Miller, the former commander is held responsible for the crime.

        September- Shortly after a attempted capture of the escaped Kevin Miller and key crew, Vrona is promoted to Captain. Captain Kolar becomes part of the Federation-Klingon Empire exchange program and is assigned to command a mixed Klingon marine platoon on Starbase 10.

        October- Lennex is promoted to Commander. Thomas Parker is promoted to Lieutenant Commander. Mira Rodale is promoted to Lieutenant. Nayla Taylor is promoted to Lieutenant. Major Deletham, the Marine Commanding Officer, retires to a desk job. 1st Lieutenant Modin Blatheric is promoted to Captain and given command of the Marines. Captain Vrona, Commander Lennex, and Lt. Commander Thomas Parker are put under inquiry for the Pydrian III incident. They are cleared of all charges. Lt.(jg) Jason Patton, Flight Deck Ops Officer, is killed while on duty. Lt. Adam Warren, Chief Intelligence Officer, resigns his commission. Lt. Maji, the Chief of Security also resigns his comminsion. Lt. Wren, the Chief Science Officer, transfers to a new assignment.

        November- Kevin Miller is captured and sentence to life in prison for treason against the federation. Mira Rodale is promoted to Lieutenant Commander. Victoria Concord is promoted to Lieutenant Commander. Oliver Thornton is promoted to Lieutenant Junior grade. Modin Blatheric is promoted to Major. Savai N'gellin is promoted to (Marine) Captain. Kolar sutai-Rasmehiler is promoted to (Marine) Captain.

        December- Captain Vrona is promoted to Commodore and made Director of the Starfleet's Special Operations Division. Commander Lennex is promoted to Captain and made Associate Director (Fleet Captain). Starbase 10 Crewmembers assist in negocations on Nurco 2. Lt.(jg) Adrien Wright, Counselor, is fired. Lt.Cmdr. Cassie Knight gives birth to her and Captain tr'Lennex's child, a beautiful baby girl.

        January- (The sim reaches 1000 posts!)Victoria Concord is promoted to Commander and Operations Officer/Assistant Executive Officer. Thomas Parker steps down to Chief Engineering Officer. Lt.(jg) John Murdock, Assistant Tactical Officer, transfers to the USS Washington. SB10 begins preparations for a mining operation on Ariadne. Marine Captain Savai N'gellin, 1st Platoon CO, retires. Lt. Thes Reilgon, Chief Tactical Officer, and Master Chief Petty Officer Kate Kilgat, Chief of the Boat, resign. Lt. Scott Rowe, Logistics Officer, and Lt. Cmdr. Thomas Parker, Chief Engineer, are recalled by Starfleet Command.

        February- WOAH! An uneventful month! Captain Lennex preps to take a crew of cadets on a training mission on the U.S.S. Patton at the end of the month.

        March- Commander Victoria Concord, AXO and Chief Operations Officer, and Lt. Commander Mira Rodale, Chief Communications Officer, and Lt. Commander Nayla Taylor, Chief Science Officer, and Marine Captain Kolar, 2nd Platoon CO, transfer to Deep Space 15 on the first. Lieutenant J.G. Rachael Torran, Assistant Security Officer leaves. Cadet training mission heads off the the USS Patton, and the ship gets attacked.

        April- The Patton is resuced. Captain T'Maekh tr'Lennex retires from Starfleet, but stays on SB10 with his wife and baby.

Current Year: 2379