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U.S.S. Patton

Ship Specs

Class: Defiant-class

Type: Escort


Length: 119.5m

Beam: 90.3m

Draft: 25.5m

Mass: 355,000 metric tonnes

Cargo Capacity: 10,477 metric tonnes

Hull : Ablative armour overlaying a duranium/tritanium composite hull, augmented by synthetic castrodium alloy structural members

Number of Decks: 4

Crew Complement: 40 officers & crew; 150 evacuation limit


Standard Cruise: Warp 6

Maximum Cruise: Warp 9

Maximum Rated: Warp 9.982 (for 12 hours)

Refit Cycle:

Minor Refit: 2 years

Standard Refit: 6 years

Major Refit: 12 years

Expected Hull Life: 80 years

Propulsion System: One 1500 plus Cochrane warp core feeding two nacelles; two impulse engines

Weapons: 4 Type-XII Pulse Phaser Cannons; 2 Type-X Phaser Emitters; 4 Mk-75 Torpedo Bays

Computer System: M-15 Isolinear III Processor

Navigation System: RAV/ISHAK Mod 3 Warp Celestial Guidance

Deflector Systems: FSQ primary force field and deflector control guidance

Embarked Craft: 1 Type-10 Shuttlecraft; 4 Type-18 Shuttlepods; 2 Workbees

Transporters: Two Personnel; One Cargo




The primary role of the USS Patton is that of a guard ship to Starbase-10.  She is to defend the station and assist in whatever auxiliary role may be required by the stationís staff.  The Patton also engages in routine patrols of the Neutral Zone and the system in which Starbase-10 is located, as well as escorting valuable cargo shipments. 

               Due to the fact that she is attached to Starbase-10, with easy access to additional personnel, the Patton rarely has a full crew complement.  The usual staffing levels are approximately five officers and fifteen non-commissioned officers and enlisted personnel.  Though during emergencies, the Patton must report to Starbase-10 to take on additional personnel, including members of the senior staff.