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Rank System

Everyone who joins Starbase 10 will be assigned a rank from this chart based on previous experience and/or other factors decided upon by the ships CO and XO. It will be assumed that everyone has graduated from Star Fleet Academy (min rank of Ensign). Promotions will be done by the Commanding Officer.

Grade / Rank

Field Grade Officers

O-6 / Captain

O-5 / Commander

O-4 / Lieutenant Commander

O-3 / Lieutenant

O-2 / Lieutenant Junior Grade

O-1 / Ensign


Marine Field Grade Officers

O-6 / Colonel

O-5 / Lieutenant Colonel

O-4 / Major

O-3 / Captain

O-2 / 1st Lieutenant

O-1 / 2nd Lieutenant


Marine Enlisted

E-8 / Master Sergent

E-7 / Gunnery Sergent

E-6 / Staff Sergent

E-5 / Sergeant

E-4 / Corporal

E-3 / Lance Corporal

E-2 / Private 1st Class

E-1 / Private


All images above were created/provided by '//es, aka. Captain Modin Blatheric. Thanks muchly!!


The following are ranks which can only be given out by IDF Admirality


Flag Officers

O-11 / Fleet Admiral

O-10 / Admiral

O-9 / Vice Admiral

O-8 / Rear Admiral

O-7 / Commodore