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Chief Tactical Officer (CTO)

This character is responsible for all electronic war waging systems used by the Starbase for defense and attack. Their role becomes very important in battle situations where weapons must be fired and the shields raised.

The CTO normally works at a station in the Command Center. An auxillary control for tactical work is also located in Engineering.

Because of the size of the installation, the Chief of Security position and the Chief Tactical Officer position are two separate posts. However, the Chief of Security often serves as assistant tactical officer and vice versa. 

Examples from Star Trek include Worf, Tuvok, and Natasha Yar.

This is a command position that sees a moderate level of inclusion in all missions and a heavy level of inclusion in dealing with any missions concerning spacecraft or activities outside the base. This individual works closely with the USS Patton if not formally onboard when it's under way.