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Lt Cdr / Doctor Taylor WhiteEagle 

Chief Medical Officer 

Rank: Lieutenant Commander | Sex: Female | Race: Human

5'4" | Weight: 175lbs | Eyes: Green | Hair: Brown  

Home Planet:
Earth | DOB: Oct. 7, 2346 | Age: 35

No | Children: No


Taylor is a mild-mannered officer who gets along with everyone. She loves her Job and serving Starfleet. She comes from a family of Doctors and loves to read (currently reading old 20th century, Sherlock Holmes mysteries).

Personal History:

Taylor WhiteEagle is the daughter of the Chief of the Mi'kmaq tribe, an Earth American Native Indian Tribe. She was born a telepath and became the Royal Advisor to her Father til she joined Starfleet.. Her Father didn't approve of the move, but she was of age to find her own path... 

Taylor has been in Starfleet a long time, becoming a Junior Cadet at the age of 15. She has always aspired to be the best officer she can be. 

Mi'kmaq Native people's relationship with the land is a spiritual one. Spiritual beliefs provide answers to their questions about their place in the world: Where in the land do we as a people belong? What are the boundaries of our place in space and time?

What lies beyond the limits of ordinary human perception (using the five senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell)? What happens after this life is ended? How are people connected with the other beings who live in this world? What standards and values define a "good" life?

A Native people's sense of themselves as a distinct group or nation is bound up with the place that is their home. The names peoples have for themselves as a nation or people frequently refer to this place.

Her Most Trusted Friend and Spirit Guide is WapekKitpu, Mi'kmaq for: WhiteEagle.

Academy:   Starfleet Academy, Command School
- Areas of study:
   - Major:
   - Minor:


 - USS Avalon, NCC 3002-A and B
 - Starbase-10, Assistant Medical Officer, promoted to Chief Medical Officer


Awards and Commendations: 

Reprimands:   None to date

Honors and Decorations: 


    McCoy Cluster: To personnel who  show continuous effort or improvement through the course of the mission


   Combat Medic Award: Awarded to those in the medical profession who perform their duties in a battlefield environment