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Lt-jg Panleth Thandos

Assistant Chief Medical Officer


Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade | Sex: Male | Race: Vulcan

Height: 6' 3" | Weight: 190 lbs. | Eyes: Grey | Hair: Black

Place of Birth: Kneras | Age: 25

Of Note -

Personality: Logical, intelligent, self-reliant, loner...
Hobbies: Intellectual games, psychologies
Family Information:
Father, Kilaner - deceased
Mother, Beralat - deceased
Relationship Status: Single

Personal History:
Panleth grew up on Kneras until he was about 16, at which time his home was attacked and he was left orphaned. He grew up alone and mostly friendless on Kneras. His community had held all that had been dear to him.

Academy History:
Graduated 2nd in his class, but otherwise stayed to himself.

Areas of Study:
Major: Medicine
Minor: Chemistry, Biology

Service Record: First assignment: SB-10. July 24, 2380, promoted to Lt-jg.

Awards: None

Commendations: None

Reprimands: None