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Nayla Rigel Taylor

Chief Science Officer

Rank: Lieutenant Commander | Sex: Female | Race: Human

Height: 52" | Weight: 105 to 115lbs | Eyes: Dark green | Hair: Dark Brown

Home Planet: - | DOB: 2358 | Age: 21

Married: - | Children: -

Of Note -

Personal Traits:

Nayla is Obsessive Compulsive. She is a "neat freak". It can be noticed in her work areas and her housing. Nothing is out of place and her closets are immaculately straight, sorted by type and color. She can't stand fingerprints on her work surfaces and will subconsciously wipe them off. She is also a little shy. She will speak up if she feels she has something to contribute to a conversation, but mostly wiill just sit back and listen and observe. It is hard for her to meet new people although she is quite friendly. She prefers they make the first move. This hesitency makes it hard for her to speak into her comm badge loud enough to be heard at times.

Personal History:
Nayla has traveled around quite a bit. She lived on Vulcan from ages 4 through 9. She has also lived on Rigel IV, where her parents met, as well as on earth. On Vulcan she attended a school that was all Vulcan children except herself and one Romulan orphan whom became her best friend. Her parents felt that immersion was the best way to learn a culture so she did not attend schools where there were other human children until they moved back to Earth when she was 13. She is the only child of two non-Starfleet parents. Her father is an "eco-Engineer" her mother is a painter. Nayla had not planned on going to Starfleet but was noticed by an Admiral at one of her father's engineering sites helping with the experiments. It was she who got Nayla into the Academy.


Major/Minor Area(s) of study:

Major: Xeno-Botany
Minor: Anthropology

Previous Assignments:

Awards and Commendations:
None yet, this is Nayla's first posting. The school's Nayla attended for the most part did not give out "awards" as such but she received a "science medal" when she was 10.

Special Operations Ribbon

Commendations: None.

Reprimands: None.

Honors and Decorations:
Novemeber 27, 2378: Meritorious Service Award