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Lt-jg Marcus St. Croix

Chief Engineer



Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade | Sex: Male | Race: Human

Height: 6'2"  | Weight: 198 lbs. | Eyes: Grey | Hair: Dark Brown | Skin Tone: Fair

Home Planet: Earth, New Orleans | DOB: 11/29/2355 | Age: 

Of Note -

Personal Info:

  Parents: Stephanie and Jean-Marie
  Siblings: older brother Stephan (Artist in New York), older sister Ariadne Reilfort (Captain of the freighter "Wild Card")

  Marital status: Single

  Temperment:  Easy-going, always polite, rarely angry, something of an egotist (usually playfully), sarcastic sense of humor, demands perfection from the machines he works on, but knows that sentients won't ever reach perfection, so he's not too hard on failure, tries to use it as a learning experience.

  Likes:  Cajun food, Jazz music, classical theatre, modern holodramas that aren't by Stanley Baldwin.

  Dislikes:  Holodramas by Stanley Baldwin, Bolian Cuisine, Incompetance in Command.

  Hobbies:  Acting, singing, fencing, reading, repairing anything he can get his hands on that's mechanical, and flying small spacecraft.

  Talents:  A skilled actor, a decent singer, and a top-notch mechanic, also somewhat skilled (despite his size) in swordplay.  Additionally, he's qualified to fly anything smaller than a starship.

Personal History:

  Pre-Starfleet:  Marcus was a prodigy child who grew up in New Orleans, on Earth.  His parents noted from an early age that he constantly craved the spotlight, no matter what he was doing; he always wanted someone to watch him.  After the family uprooted to Boston when he was fifteen, this desire translated into an early acceptance into the Hopkins Theatre School. Graduating High School two years early, Marcus became one of the top actors at Hopkins, and thought his life's future assured.  Little did he know that when he took a required theatre production technology course, it would open up to him an even deeper and more abundant talent: repair of machinery.  He took to this and made it his minor.  Fairly soon, he was able to fix whatever was broken, program rapidly any computer system he came across and even build some gadgets of his own.  After a long night of decision-making, he graduated Hopkins and applied to Starfleet Academy in hopes of fixing bigger and better things than ever before.


   Enrolled 2375. Graduated 95th of  843, 2379.  Reprimanded for Insubordination in Junior year. Commendation for Original Thinking in Senior year.

   Marcus did not take to Academy life at first.  His natural desire to be in the spotlight had lent itself to a fair degree of ego, and made him appear arrogant and conceited to his fellows.  The fact that he could back up his mechanical claims did not help matters.  In fact, he soon found himself in several physical altercations with Cadet Stanley Baldwin, who was an aspiring novelist.  Baldwin was eventually drummed out of the Academy, and found a successful career as a holodrama writer, none of which Marcus can abide to this day.  Earned the nickname "Face" after his Freshman roommate found a production poster from Hopkins in Marcus' personal belongings. He didn't mind it so it stuck.  He was cited for insubordination in his Junior Year for voluably disagreeing with his commander on a training simulation.  Though he believes still that his opinion was right, the way he went about expressing it earned him a permanent reprimand.  The next year, it was his turn to command engineering in the simulator.  This time, he tried his suggestion, and was given a commendation for original thinking.  This further served to spur his ego that he could do no wrong, as did his graduation in the top 100 of his class, and his instatement as a Lt. J.G right out of the Academy.

Major/Minor Area(s) of study:
  Major: General Engineering        Minor: Small-craft Pilot

  Chief of Engineering, Starbase-10

Awards and Commendations:

Honors and Decorations: