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Mira Rodale

Chief Communications Officer

Rank: Lieutenant Commander | Sex: Female | Race: Trill

Height: 5í4" | Weight: 115 to 120 lbs | Eyes: light blue | Hair: dark brown, waist long

Home Planet: Trill | DOB: 2355 | Age: 24

Married: Mated/Engaged to Capt. Kolar | Children: -

Of Note -
Not Joined

Personal Traits:
Tends to have too much fun off duty. Likes to work out and target practice. She is not a joined Trill.

Very open-minded and good-natured. Likes Intercultural exchanges with other species.

Personal History:
Youngest of 2 children. Parents killed in an accident on Trill. Has one older brother who is a joined Trill. (They donít get along.)

Before going to Star Fleet Academy. Enrolled in the program to become a joined trill but decided it was not what she wanted. She signed aboard a commercial freighter, where she served as and Pilot/ Communications Officer; she was transferred to Earth, where she finally decided to enter Star Fleet. There she chose Communications as major in Bridge Operations branch.

Graduated from Star Fleet Academy at 23 in Bridge Operations' branch. Took courses in various languages, majored in communication systems, starship sensors, and damage control procedures. Can pilot shuttles and is very proficient with small weapons.

Major/Minor Area(s) of study:

Major: communication systems
Minor: starship sensors and damage control procedures

Previous Assignments:

Awards and Commendations:
Special Operations Ribbon

Commendations: None.

Reprimands: None.

Honors and Decorations:
November 27, 2378: Starfleet Cross
January 11, 2379: Distinguished Service Award