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 Lt. Ann '80psi' Readdy

Chief of Security


Rank: Lieutenant | Sex: Female | Race: Human with Thalaxian "influence"  

Height: 5'3"  | Weight: 125 lbs.  | Eyes: Blue  | Hair: Dark Brown 

Home Planet: Earth  | DOB: Stardate 2392.0815   | Age: 23 

Married: No | Children: None

Of Note:

Family Father: Walter Readdy (Engineer, Boeing Aerospace Div.)
Mother: Florence Readdy (Manager, Entertainment Centers)
Siblings: Rick (13, younger brother)

Personal Traits:

With her dark brown hair and athletic build, Ms Readdy looks just like a typical 23-year old human woman, on her way up the corporate ladder. What separates her from the rest, are the four 20th-century-era pneumatic piston cylinders and their air supply lines, "grafted" to her arms and legs by an unknown race of intellectual aliens who call themselves Thalaxians.

Personal History:

Ann was born to Walter and Florence Readdy, living on the famed Gold Coast. She spent her childhood with family and friends, attending the best schools. Even though Ann enjoyed playing with her friends, her love was reading and playing chess.

She entered Whitney Young High School and made new friends there. It was there, Ms Readdy began to take an interest in sports, excelling in gymnastics and swimming.

During her Senior year, while attending a school-sponsored costume party, being held at a downtown hotel, Ann's life was changed forever. While getting some fresh air, in the rear parking lot, a blue bolt of "energy" streaked down and struck her, at the air supply lines' neck connection.

That night, she was "visited" by a "holo-envoy" from Thalax, the race's planet of origin. The envoy explained what was done and why. He then gave her a computer chip, that provided all the details of the process, called, "trans-molecular mutation".

At first, Ann's family and friends weren't sure of what had taken place, so Her parents had her checked out by specialists, who referred her to Starfleet specialists, who would know more about this type of occurrence. It was then that Ann became interested in joining Starfleet.

After the examinations were done and everyone was satisfied that Ms Readdy was fine, she applied for and was accepted to Starfleet Academy. She made sure the "chip" was made available, so nobody would mistake her for a former Borg drone.

Personal Profile:
Hobbies: Reading, Holodeck adventures, chess
Religion: Non-denominational Christian
Ambition: To serve and protect whatever ship/crew she would be assigned to
Motto: "Never give up, no matter what the odds!"
Quirks: Spends at least 30 minutes polishing her piston cylinders each morning. She is highly fastidious about their appearance, as well as the air supply lines.

Readdy is dedicated to her duty and takes it seriously. There are times when insecurity tries to creep in, but for the most part, she does her job well. All throughout her Academy years, Ann dug in and persevered, even when things got tough. She was never afraid to seek help if she saw it was needed and would benefit her in the long run.

She is a curious individual, always wanting to know as much as possible, so she could do a better job. Her loyalty is unflappable. Ann is willing to lay her life down, so others wouldn't have to.

SD. 15.0202: Enters Starfleet Academy
SD. 15.0706: Graduates from Starfleet

Major/Minor Area(s) of study:



Starbase-10: Assistant Chief of Security... promoted to Lt-jg and assumes Chief of Security position.

Awards and Commendations:

Commendations: None. 

Reprimands: None.

Honors and Decorations: