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Capt. Michael Kathandrion

Marine Corps Company Commander



Rank: Captain (military) | Sex: Male | Race: Human

Height: 6' 3" | Weight: 225 lbs. | Eyes: Green | Hair: Red

Home Planet: Earth (Stonehenge, Great Britain) | DOB: October 31, 2356 | Age: 24

Of Note -

Father: Shawn Kathandrion (Deceased)

Mother: Ericka Markowitz (Deceased)

Marital Status: Single

Michael went through public education until accepted into Starfleet Academy. He graduated with a GPA of 3.8 (on a 4.0 scale). His specialties were Military Operations and Security. He was well adjusted and enjoyed every luxury growing up.
Personal Notes:
Michael is a 3rd-degree black belt in Aikido and a 2nd in Karate. He has 6 years experience as a fighter pilot. He is also a 2-time NCAA Golden Gloves winner, and an NCAA Rookie of the Year winner in wrestling. He prefers to play football (American), wrestling and chess.
Career History:
At age 20 his first assignment was on the USS Hathaway as a 2Lt and Alpha Squad leader. He served 2 years aboard the Hathaway and then reassigned to the USS Avenger as a 1Lt and Alpha Company Commander. Sixteen months into their mission, the ship was attacked by the Dominion and left for derelict. Michael kept to his duties as Company Commander and 2 weeks later, but 15 crew members less, the Avenger drifted into Starbase-21. Michael was promoted to Marine Captain and received several commendations for valorous service. He put in for a transfer and was subsequently assigned to Starbase-10.
Starfleet Cluster (2), Purple heart