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Col. Modin Blatheric

Marine Corps Commanding Officer


Rank: Colonel | Sex: Male | Race: Human*

Height: 5' 8" | Weight: 205 lbs. | Eyes: Brown | Hair: bald

Home Planet: Alpha Quadrant | DOB: 2341* | Age: 38*

Of Note -


Modin Blatheric was born in 2323.*  He was raised in average surroundings until he entered the IDF Marines, 2370.

Modin progressed well thru basic and advanced training, finishing in the top 7%, 2371, seeming almost eerily familiar with various aspects of Fleet operations and activities. 

Modin's first post was security on Spacedock 7 (Deegan's Hole) where he served honorably corralling drunk engineers and technicians, flying escort for upper management and VIPs, and keeping the former personnel from interrupting the various visits of the latter. No military actions occurred during this assignment (of record).

The following assignment found him in a new platoon, headed for someplace called Starbase 375. Upon arriving there was a sense of unease, and a whole LOT of personnel. Shortly Modin found himself in charge of a squad to retake Deep Space Nine from Dominion control. His platoon experienced several casualties but persevered. The survivors were awarded medals and patched up... Replacements arrived and several platoons and regiments were re-assigned back to Earth. 

The break was short-lived. The Breen attacked Starfleet HQ in a massive offensive. Modin gained another award, lost more friends, and was promoted (out of hand he felt). The following year was a topsy-turvy ride of various actions, ending in the defense of Argus where Modin's valor was recognized with a field commission.

Following OCS Modin received assignment with a platoon intermixed with marines who were old friends and new troops. Starbase 10 needed a refit of some of it's fighter defense aircraft, plus there were rumors of a scandal. As the platoon readied for action Modin was approached to do some advance work, in the guise of a Romulan no less.

Military Actions:

 Courses/Skills held:

( craft used: Raider class, Swift class, Warhammer class, numerous Shuttle class vessels, both Federation and other )

Special Operations Ribbon
November 27, 2378: Marine Cross



Modin maintains a confident demeanor, but quiet. He tries to have something to say when he does speak. His personal relationships have changed over the last couple of years due to his commission. He still finds himself at a loss sometimes away from his platoon/command. 

He has been known to be less than subtle on occasion and has little affection for politics, but he has the patience of a Kizer Pluthar when necessary. He is seldom rash and prefers to make his decisions with the most information possible.

He has a sweet tooth, especially for Ktarian puff chocolate. He loves to work out with his platoon and takes all matters involving his troops very seriously. He takes quiet pride in surviving jamaharon, twice.   8^)

Personnel Packet...<Coded Delivery to Station Commander, CC: Station Chief Medical Officer>

Modin was recruited during normal intel operations involving The Cabal and matters involving the Suliban. In later years The Cabal has fallen and is no longer considered a serious threat. As an asset he proved very useful in infiltration for espionage and information gathering. He excelled in personal combat and performs extremely well under pressure.

His record prior to 2372 is classified <authorization Theta Gamma Seven>.

<Medical insert>

1LT Blatheric has received a cybernetic eye transplant (left) as a result of injuries during an operation. Conditions at the time and subsequent delay in attention, as well as facilities available at the time dictated course of medical aid. Afterwards organic replacement was offered but the officer wouldn't risk adverse side effects if the operation wasn't successful. 

-Known capabilities:

<Species Data Store>

The modified Suliban of The Cabal have undergone extensive genetic engineering...  brief as follows:

First encountered by humans in 2151, the Suliban are a humanoid species resident in the alpha quadrant. They are no more evolved than Humans, but certain individuals of the species allied themselves with a shadowy figure from the distant future in order to wage a "temporal cold war" on others of their time. These are members of The Cabal and have undergone extensive genetic engineering.