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Various hard-to-find Spyderco Knives

This site is not affiliated with the Spyderco Company but is maintained to support the community of Spyderco owners and collectors that enjoy owning the best engineered production knives in the world.

Sal and Eric Glesser in 2003 at the Oregon Knife Show

Spyderco was started by Sal Glesser and is located in Golden, Colorado. His son Eric is responsible for many of the new generation Spyderco Knife designs.

Since it began producing knives, Spyderco has been responsible for many of the innovations that today's knife users take for granted. Spyderco was the first company to make a one-handed opener, they introduced clips and put functional serrations on pocket knives. They were the first American company to make a linerlock. Their list also includes the first use of G-10, carbon fiber, titanium and integral clips. Spyderco was the first American company to use ATS-34, ATS-55, H-1, VG-10 and Powdered metals to the production knife world. They were first to use a laser to cut out pictures in a blade;(Q Knife). The "Q" knife was the first to use wire clips.

Custom Collaborations are another way that Sal has allowed custom knife makers the chance to reach a larger audience. Some of the knifemakers that have been involved include Eduard Bradichansky, Frank Centofante, Bram Frank, Peter Herbst, D'Alton Holder, James Keating, Jot Singh Khalsa, Bob Lum, Bill Moran, Fred Perrin, Ed Schempp, J.D. Smith, Bob Terzuola, Howard Viele, Tim Wegner, Tim Zowada, and others.

When you learn more about Spyderco you will realize why there knives are the most copied products today. You will also see that making a look-a-like copy with inferior materials makes for a product that can fail. This is because of inferior materials, poor-quality control, and lack of understanding of the engineering behind a real Spyderco. To have the blade-lock on a counterfeit fail and cut your finger is not worth the money saved.

A lot of things happen at Spyderco that go unheralded by the general public. Sal Glesser and his staff have worked to support troops serving overseas with free knives. Workers at the World Trade Center site received knives for the rescue and clean-up operation. Sal has donated knives to law enforcement and charities for auctions to raise funds. On the environmental front Spyderco has created a whale rescue knife that has been used to save the lives of whales trapped in fishing nets or lines. Spyderco has shown true integrity and honor within the cutlery industry and in our community as a whole. As a whole the passion that collectors have for Spyderco is merely a reflection of Spyderco's dedication for quality and inovation.

"Q" Knife List

Because of the growing popularity of "Q" collecting, I will attempt to compile a list of available "Q" knives. They range from the very rare Ferrari and Playboy prototypes to the common Spyder variants. Prices on "Q"s can range from $65 on Ebay for an original to over $400 for a rare model. It was once possible to find "Q"'s at knife shows for as little as $10 to $30. In addition to the "Q" knives there is a larger "R" knife with and without the laser cut-out blade. In 2006 Spyderco introduced the "S" model to fill the void left by the Highly collectable "Q".

Sources of older Spyderco knives include older sporting goods stores that carried the full line of knives, but did not discount them off of list price. They often still have knives in their display cases. Just keeping your eye open for collectable Spyderco knives is the best advice. Sometimes you just get lucky. As always the fun is in the hunt. Good luck! Please address any questions or suggestions to the e-mail address below.

Colored Q Knives

Spyderco Q Blade Design Samples

The pictures above are a few of the many "Q" knives made by Spyderco. Barry Carithers, a Spyderco "Q" collector has researched the variations for an article in Knife World, (Dec. 2003). With his generous permission, I have incorporated his list to help fellow Q Knife collectors.

The following Q Knives are listed by: *COMPANY/QUANTITY/BLADE DESIGN*


Advertising Products Co. Inc./106/ "D Edwards" in manuscript letters* Anchorage Fire Dept./75/ cut-out/4-sided fireman "badge with cut-out flames* Anchorage Fire Dept./100/ Police-style badge w/engraved Anchorage Fire Dept.* Bever Zwerfsport/113/ Profile of a beaver with block letters "BEVER"* Blade Magazine /1925/ Manuscript letters for the word "BLADE"* Blue Ridge Knives/300/ Skull and Crossbones (Jolly Roger)* Bobs Gun Shop/49/ Triangle, etched "Mens status, Tactics, Arms Dexteritum"* Cabelas/501/ Script letters for "Cabelas�"* Cairns Bros. /940/ Cut-out "Cairns" " etched "Leather Since 1836"* Calahan Construction /107/ Script letters "Calahan" in a cut-out format* Calif. Assn. Of Nurses (CRNA) /56/ Cut out letters "CRNA"* Carter Custom Weaponry /50/ Profile "W" inside a large cutout "C" w/speeding bullet* Crucible Steel (CPM) /107/ Solid "C�" with an "M"cut out of its center* Club International des Collectionneurs de Couteaux Customs /400/ Manuscript letters "CICCC"* Denver Police Protection Agency /50/ Engraved badge among 4 diagonal bars* Ducks Unlimited (approx. samples) /12/ Mallard Cut-out profile with engraving* Edwin A. Flak /52/ Cut-out profile of 2 faces looking at each other* E.M.S. /2280/ "E.M.S." Standard corporate logo* Foxcross Farms /75/ Stylized letters " �"Foxcross"* Fred Meyers /600/ Profile of a jumping arched salmon* Gungames, Inc. /153/ Manuscript letters "GUN GAMES"* H.L. Dalis /100/ NYC with cut-out of Statue of Liberty* Heckler & Koch /2135/ Block letters "HK" along diagonal bars* Hugh M. Woods Lumber Co. /574/ Cut-out letters "Hugh M. Woods" on curving arrow* John Larkin Cofee Co. /100/ Steaming coffee cup* K.N. Telecom /133/ Cut-out letters for "K N TELECOM"* Kanga Company /77/ Stylized letters �Kanga� among diagonal bars* Knife Magazine (G. Sakai) /300 (?)/ Manuscript letters "KNIFE" on curving bars. "W"* Leed Tool Corp/200/Rectangular block with "LEED" inside* Liberty Safes/100/Script letters, "LIBERTY SAFES" on diagonal bars* M.I. Overseas/60/block letters "MI" cut out of rectangular box* Magnum Research/102/Cut-out of flying eagle w/cut-out letters "MRI"* Masque Sound & Recording/100/Art Deco style human face mask among cutouts* Messer Klotzi/171/"KLOTZI" in block letters among diagonal bars* Metal Finishing Systems/84/block letters "MFS" inside a 3-D hexagon* MIT Inkjet/104/Slanted manuscript letters "MIT INKJET"* Moteng/500/a weaving effect using 5 upper & 5 lower curving bars* Neosho Industrial Supply/103/"NIS INC" in various size letters with a cloverleaf* New York Knife Show(1997)/280/Manuscript letters with a cloverleaf* Northwest Bank(gift)/10-20?/Cut-out "N" with engraved vertical bar "Northwest Banks"* Platte Canyon Fire Dept.(Colo.)/81/Cut out of fireman spraying flames,"PCFD" engraved on hose* Plaza Cutlery/306/Eagle in Flight, cut-out* Pt. Hueneme Marine Supply Co./60/Manuscript letters,"PHMS" on diagonal bars* Potomac Electric Power Co./105/Small case letters, "pepco" on diagonal bars* Prof. Cowbay Rodeo Assoc./600/Cowboy on bucking horse-engraved "P.C.R.A."* Precision Graphics/52/Letter "G" inside much larger "P" among horizontal bars* Prospector Outfitters/55/design #1 "Alaska" in script letters* Prospector Outfitters/58/design #2 Profile of the state of Alaska* R.E.I./approx.2900/black letters, "REI", with pine tree profile* Springer(Austria)/50/"SPRINGER" in manuscript letters* Spyder Active Wear/125/spider-web design with no bug* Spyderco/approx. 62,000/ Spyderco "bug"* Spyderco/approx 3,600/USA Flag design* Spyderco/approx. 3,900/ eagle design* Spyderco(Kona,Hawaii Store)/600?/jumping marlin, etched "KONA "98"* Spyderco(Kona,Hawaii Store)/600?/volcano and sun, etched "KONA "99"* Spyderco (tropical)/600?/ palm trees and ocean* Theatrical Stage Employees Union/110/5-sided Maltese Cross w/letters "IATSE'" United Airlines/55/Letters UA used in United Airline's logo* Venetia Mining (S. Africa)/52/Winged lion resting paw on diamond* Viking International/150/Profile of the typical Viking horned helmet* Wilderness Medicine Classes/116/profile of a cross on a leaf-like pattern*

The following prototype Q Knives are listed by: *COMPANY/QUANTITY/BLADE DESIGN*


Coca-Cola/2?/(1) script-Coca-Cola, (1) block-COKE* Coors Brewing/2/ two different styles ?* Ferrari /2/ Prancing Horse Logo* Lotus /1/ Company logo* Mercedes Benz /2/ Three-prong star logo* Nike/2/ "Swoosh Logo"* National Rifle Assn. /2/ N.R.A. Logo* Playboy /1/ Bunny profile among geometric bars* Smith & Wesson Arms Co. /1/ "S&W" logo*

Geometric Prototypes-

"triangles�" /2?/ Various sizes of intertwining triangles* "fern leaves" /1?/ One fern leaf on top of another* "rising sun" /1?/ rays projecting from opening hole* "skeletal" /1?/ profile of blade and opening hole only* "sun rays & fern leaf" /1?/ rays surrounding opening hole w/fern leaf pattern below*

"Q" Handle colors include Black, Blue, Green, Grey, and Red. Black is by far the most common, with grey a distant second. The other three colors were special runs.

Some of the Spyderco Delica Variations including the Japan market Titanium Handle version, (lower left)


Orange "Ironstone" Remote Release Knife

Damascus Worker from the Spyderco Evolution Set

Iraqi Freedom Native made for U.S. troops in Iraq

Red Bone Spyderkey (aka:Hummingbird)

Spyderco Forum 2003 Blue Native

Aluminum Police missing "Police" logo

World Trade Center Knife to fund WTC Charity Efforts

Small Blue/Green FRN Dyad

Blanchard Engraved Spyderco, one of series

Early Terzoula Custom Collaboration
Olive Drab Delica with black blade

Ti-coated rainbow anodized Japan Market SS Cricket

Free Rescue Knives given to rescuers in New York after 9/11

Limited Production Dinosaur Bone "Gift" Knife
Spyderholes,(cut from knife blades), and Misc. Spyderco Memorabilia

Thanks for visiting this website. To learn more please visit the Official Spyderco Website. Spend some time in the Spyderco Forums while you are there. Also, make sure you check out the links listed above. Spyderco has enthusiasts from around the world and many of them have made websites to further the cause.

For in-depth information I recommend The Spyderco Story by Kenneth T. Delavigne available from Spyderco or your favorite book retailer. Ken does an excellent job of describing the stories behind the knives and company. If you are interested in the history of Spydercos you need this book. I welcome any comments or suggestions at the e-mail below.

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