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Booking Reservation :

Mataram : +62-(0)370-636545
Fax : +62-(0)370-624695
C/o. Noor Family
Jl.Kesra VII/95 Perumnas
Mataram - Lobar - N T B
I N D O N E S I A.


"Hati Suci" means "pure heart" in Indonesian Language.
You won't see any advertising signs,
because "Hati Suci"located in one of the
most beautiful and natural
setting on the Island of Lombok
All rooms are within the budged category.
We have several different range of prices
in attempt to allow Us to provide maximum
service to Our Guest.
All rooms have confortable foam beds.
All rooms come with complimentary breakfast.
Enjoy & relax while You stay with Us at "Hati Suci"
¤ * ¤ Mi casa es Su casa ¤ * ¤

"Hati Suci"

is also near enough to take day trip by private or public transportation to the nearby Villages to Loyok
(center for basket weaving), Pringgasela
(center for hand weaving )
You can go on Your own or hire a local guide
for reasonable fees to :
- Mt.Rinjani
(3/5 days trip or one way ending at Senaru on the north side).
- Sebau hotspring - day trip.
- Small canyon - day trip
- Lombok Tour Lombok-Ku
- Lemor - natural swimming pool with grey & black monkey.

Rinjani Trekking Programs :

Rinjani Mt (3762m)
Code : HT1top
4N/5D Top of Rinjani Mt.
US$ 175,-/pax
Day 1 :
Start from "Hati Suci" at 07.00 or 08.30 am & drive for 25 min
to Sembalun Lawang from here start walkingto the first base
camp arround 4 -5h & have some lunch.At noon start to walk again
till 3rd base camp (3-4 h) & stay over night here
& listen the silent of night.

Day 2 :
Weak up at 07.00 am,have some breakfast,
at 08.30 am start to trek to the rim of Rinjani
from here U can see the top of Rinjani,
top of Tambora Mt(Sumbawa) top of Agung Mt (Bali) also.
Arrived at Noon & relax for staying over night here.

Day 3 :
Early morning at 03.00 am weak up & had
some breakfast and climb up to the
top of Rinjani Mt to see the spectacular Sunrise.
Stay & relax on the rim for breakfast & at 10.30 am
get down to lake of Rinjani Mt (enjoy the lake, the young
Mt Segara anak ,the hotspring ).

Day 4 :

Weak up at 06.30 am, have breakfast & at 08.00 am
start walk up & down to Senaru villages ( North side ).
at 13.30 or 14.00 pm lunch time,
Arrive Ca. 17.00 - 18.00 pm & stay over night
at Homestay here.

Day 5 :

Have a breakfast at 07.30 am,explore Senaru villages,
take mandi on the beautiful Water fall
of Sendang gile & at 11.00 am take off from Senaru,
driving along the East coast,visit Pulau Lampu,
swimming on the beach with Sumbawa panorama,
visit the big botanical trees,
Lombok Harbour & back to "Hati Suci"

We also have a beautiful open air Restaurant,
serving great food & reasonable prices.
* Spectacular panoramic view
* Mt.Rinjani to the sea
* Ocean view
* Lush green palm & rice terraces
* Refreshing - cooler than sea level climate
* Local village life
* Beautiful sunrise
* Tranquility
* Great accomodation at budged prices
* Complimentary breakfast
** Friendly - Helpfull Staff **
"Hati Suci" Is the first
Homestay & Restaurant
since 30 March'93 on the South side of
the Rinjani Mt. (3762m),
Thus...,We're located away from
the overtouristed areas of Lombok,
yet..easily accessible by public transportation.

Code : HT2lake
3N/4D Lake Segara anakan.
US$ 150,-/pax.
Start from "Hati Suci",up to the rim
and down to the Lake Segara anakan,
out from Senaru villages

Code : HT3Rim
2N/3D Rim of Rinjani Mt.
US$ 135,-/pax.
Start from "Hati Suci",up to the Rim of Rinjani
out from Sembalun Lawang

*** See the detail from program 4N/5D ***

The program including :
- English guide
- Tent
- 3 x meals
- Transport from Hati Suci to Sembalun

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