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In just under four years, this website has been viewed over ten thousand times. That's just under half of the views for the DS9 Avatar Website that I started just about two months before I launched this one.

I'm kind of sad to say, I won't be updating this page, or the entries anymore. I'm so far behind - the Mission: Gamma novels, Rising Son & Unity, as well as the six novellas that were available in three volumes of The Worlds of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. I have gone back to re-read the books, and I have worked on updating the page, but my system crashed. And I start all over, and something else would happen, in the real world.

I'd like to thank everyone who has taken the time to view this page, and hope that y'all found it useful while reading the DS9 Relaunch novels from Pocket Books. I also appreciate everyone who has supported this site through links from their own Star Trek websites.

I'd also like to thank Marco Palmieri and Keith R.A. DeCandido especially, for taking the time to look over the 'pedias for The Lives of Dax and Diplomatic Implausibility before I put 'em up for the world to see.

For the authors of the post-finale novels, thanks for some great stories, I'm lookin' forward reading what happens next.

- Tom
June 20, 2005

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The Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Relaunch MiniPedia

These pages are a part of the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Avatar Website.

The following is a mini-pedia based on information available in the post-finale and relaunch books for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Sources for this minipedia include -

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The Star Trek: The Next Generation Diplomatic Implausibility MiniPedia

The Star Trek: The Lives of Dax MiniPedia

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