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To:  Mr. Kofi A. Annan Secretary General United Nations

Dear Honourable Kofi Annan,

With good faith in peace and equality we ask that a forum and a United Nations Body be set up to handle Worldwide Contact with Extra Terrestrials. Also that a landing place for initial contact be made available on United Nations Soil. That all information and such contact be broadcast live Worldwide, using every available media.
The belief that anything that effects the World as a whole should be dealt with the World as a whole. In the fact that we are all equal citizens of the earth with rights inherent to all life. It is these rights we draw upon as citizens of the earth universally.
As it is The United Nations mandate to deal with issues and rights of the peoples of the world It is within the powers of the United Nations to deal with such an issue and phenomenon. The reasoning behind such a Request would include;

1) Such contact will impact every living being on this planet.
In the event of worldwide contact, the realization that we are not alone in the universe will impact everyone on the planet regardless of belief or disbelief in the phenomenon. This will radically change our way of life forever. Therefore we should proceed on this as a one-world voice in a one-world view where every one is equal.

2) To any Extra Terrestrial Intelligence we are all one on this planet
Terrestrials, Earthlings, Humans, or Homo Sapiens. It makes no difference of colour race or religion” we all have a soul; a life force coupled with intelligence and
free will with the power to control our own destiny. This given to us by our Creator and God known by whatever name through whatever Religion.

3) That this is one subject that the whole world can agree on.
As this subject effects every person the same regardless of race colour or religion, We will have to look past our differences and work towards a global view as one world with individual beliefs yet equal and peaceful with respect and good will to all and each other.

4) This is a starting point to working towards understanding, World equality, and peace.
Once we can begin to deal with this issue on a worldwide scale we shall see how alike we all are. Then maybe we can settle our differences and work together to solve the present problems in the world. Evolving and growing separately in our cultures is a thing of the past. It is time we now share what we have learned and repair the damage we now do to the world and ourselves.

5) That any technology should benefit the world as a whole.
In the event that any technology of extra terrestrial intelligence origin should be shared and distributed freely worldwide. What other possible solution could there be to distribute technology of this sort.

6) That any alien technology gained singularly would give one country an advantage over the world.

7) That Worldwide contact will answer this question and settle this debate once and for all, and stop the debate, misinformation, propaganda, and what ever else may be happening without public knowledge or agreement.


The Undersigned

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