Mary Rodwell Interviews

Mary is the Founder of ACERN (Australian Close Encounters Resource Network) & also the Vice President of the Star Kids Project in the U.S.A.

She is a well known-highly visible-International speaker, author, Lecturer, and Media adept figure...with the hard Scientific background to support her ET Encounter & 'abduction' counseling. Her 'Consciousness & DNA work is Cutting Edge.

Listed below are "Interviews" which she's had. Enjoy!

THE SWEEPS FOX SHOW - March 21, 2006
Courtesy of: Irish Ufology

Available only in "Windows Media" format

The "Jerry Pippin" Interview

In this interview, recorded at the 2004 IUFOC Conference in Laughlin, Nevada, Jerry Pippin speaks with Mary Rodwell. Mary specializes in abduction therapy, and was recently cited by a major Australia medical journal for her work with "Star Children." Jerry and Mary discuss the apparent interactions between ETs and human abductees and the phenomena of the Star Child. Intelligent and dynamic, Mary gets her points across.
Courtesy of: Jerry Pippin

Mary Rodwell - GHOST RADIO

Counsellor, hypnotherpist and author Mary Rodwell is Principal of the Australian Close Encounter Resource Network (ACERN) In this fascinating interview Mary explores the reality of Contact with extraterrestrials, the  Star Kids phenomenon,  and what part Star kids could play in the changes of 2012. [ More ]

Ghost Radio Interview
Original broadcast
April 9, 2006 at 7pm
Sydney Time

Here is an actual interview which was scheduled with "Mysterious Universe" (Episode 27) on April 1, 2006.

Mary Rodwell discusses her research into the contact and abduction phenomena along with her experiences with "Star Children" and their families.

Mysterious Universe Interview With Mary Rodwell

Mysterious Universe - Episode 23

Mysterious Universe dismantles the Da Vinci Code; an Australian Woman's (MARY RODWELL) claim of Evidence of Children's encounters with UFO's and ETs; and takes a look at the Wolf girls of India; plus other interesting tidbit stories.



Evidence of Children’s UFO and Extraterrestrial Encounters to be Presented at a United Nations Affiliated Conference in Montreal

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Australian Close Encounter Resource Network

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