Payment Methods & Shipping Information

UFO-PSI Storefront on behalf of New Mind Records primarily accepts credit card and PayPal payments for the time being.

In order to use your Credit Card when purchasing, you will be brought to a Secure Site at PayPal.

Note: You do not need to be a PayPal Member to use your credit card.

Here is how it works:

- When ordering, PayPal will inquire if you are a member.

- Click "No".

- You will then be forwarded to an area where you will need to fill out your "Shipping" as well as "Credit card" information.

- After having completed the above transactions, you will then be sent a receipt/confirmation for your purchase at the e-mail address which you have provided.

PayPal will then request if you want to be a member. It is then your choice to decline or accept.

PayPal Members only need to insert their e-mail addresses to purchase.

That's it! No headaches or hassle.

is in collaboration with New Mind Records

Send "Certified Cheques" and "Money Orders" to:

26 Ingram Street
Hamilton Hill WA 6163
(Cheques and money orders made payable only to Newmindrecords)

Shipping Information

On all Orders: Please allow 2-4 wks delivery, as New Mind Records is an Australian-based company.

*Depending on location, waiting time can fluctuate. Some orders may be received earlier than the 4 wk. maximum wait (Int'l Orders), if within the U.S. and CANADA.

Disclaimer: UFO-PSI will not be held liable for any merchandise issues despite its collaboration with New Mind Records.

New Mind Records cannot guarantee prompt delivery of orders for circumstances out of its control such as Postal strikes, conjestion during Holiday seasons, etc. However rare such circumstances may be, New Mind Records can guarantee that there will be a delivery and that all clients will receive the merchandise which they've purchased.

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