UFO-PSI (An affiliate to Project UFO Intl) would like to share the genius of many gifted musicians behind the scenes in the making of the wonderful Meditational CDs and DVDs being advertized at its "Storefront", and simultaneously extending courtesy to them as being part of our Partner Link sites.

Other gifted songwriter/musician artists will be included here as well.

David Sandercock
Website: Elk Tunes

David Sandercock produced the theme sound-tracks for the DVDs:

Expressions of ET Contact - A Communication & Healing Blueprint?


Expressions of ET Contact - A Visual Blueprint? by Mary Rodwell.

As a versatile musician, David Sandercock has continued pioneering his talent by producing a variety of albums, such as:

(Listen to Sample tracks)

             Alien Landscape Duo
             March 2005
             Alien Landscape Uno
             March 2005
             The Phoenix Trilogy
             January 2005  

More artists to come!

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