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Take Ten Take Ten is a wonderful new concept!

These are 10 minute meditations, especially created for busy people on the go!

Take Ten - Meditational CDs

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By Mary Rodwell RN
Hypnotic meditations ~ Stunning Music ~ Trance Inducing Frequencies ~ Powerfull Subliminals

Inner Alchemy Inner Alchemy will take you where you've never been before. This beautiful series of Meditational CDs is designed for people who are truly ready to shed their tensions and stress away.

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Hidden Truth - Forbidden "HIDDEN TRUTH" BOOK 

The amazing autobiography of Steven M. Greer, MD - "Hidden Truth - Forbidden Knowledge". In one of the most astounding and moving true stories ever told, Dr. Greer relates his own personal experiences with Extraterrestrial peoples and the unfolding of cosmic awareness since his childhood. From his sighting of a UFO at an early age, to his amazing near-death experience at age 17, to his unraveling of the secret cabal running the illegal transnational energy and UFO-related projects, to his meetings with a CIA Director, US Senators, heads of state and royalty - you will be moved, shocked and enlightened as you read through this memoir.
Price: CAD $29.95 plus S&H

Meditational CD - Hidden Truth "HIDDEN TRUTH" Meditational CD 
The CD includes the following Guided Meditations from the book:
- Structure of the Universe - 31 minutes
- Contacting ET Beings and a Meditation and Prayer for Earth

Price: CAD $15.95 plus S&H

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