SSF-IIIHS Conference Lecture CDs

On May 5 - 14, 2006, SSF-IIIHS presented a wonderful Conference. In case you had not heard of it, below is a description. (Click HERE for details)

UFO-PSI is now offering the available CDs of the lectures taken from many of the presenters which were at the Conference.

Listed below are just a few of the Speakers which attended:

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in Spirit, Space & Time
May 5–14, 2006
Hotel Delta Centre-Ville, 777 University St., Montreal, Quebec, Canada
• Int'l Conference I, May 5–7 • Int'l College Week, May 8–12 • Int'l Conference II, May 12–14
This is a special invitation to hear and meet distinguished contributors who are mapping a way ahead in “global encounters and transformations,” at the frontiers of human knowledge.

Contemporary issues of life, death, healing, and transformation — both personal and planetary — are raised every day, in every continent and nation, by wars, human cruelty and strife, and natural disasters. One of the foremost problems we have created — and fostered for the past four centuries in the secularized world — is the radical gulf assumed to exist between our “inner” subjective and “outer” objective lives, attitudes, perceptions, consciousness, and values.
However, developments in today’s new quantum sciences of consciousness and healing would suggest to some of us that the one affects the other rather dramatically.

The recent convergence of more spiritually cognizant models of the universe and of reality emerging from today’s new physical and social sciences, bears a striking resemblance to ancient perceptions of a multi-dimensional human with a multi-dimensional mind in a multi-dimensional universe.

This year our conference explores global experiences, developments, transformations, and challenges. We are bringing together some of the more creative and inspired persons from the scientific, medical, spiritual, religious, and cultural traditions of the world.

For more specific information about these presentations, please consult the final conference schedule, or visit our website at:

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